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Weekly Update #16 - MORE Summer Series Continues Tonight - Kit Wainer on UFT Elections

When I had doubts about running in the 2013 UFT elections I was convinced by Kit Wainer and others that the election would be used as a mechanism to help build MORE so that emerging from the election no matter what the results the Movement will be stronger. Tonight Kit will be doing a presentation at the 2nd session of the MORE Summer Series that will delve into how to build a new movement using the UFT election process. I have visitors coming in from LA who I have to pick up at the airport so I can't be there but I hope some of you will be to chip in your ideas. MORE already has an election committee that is open to people who want to get involved. Check out the next meeting date in this Weekly Update.

  Movement of Rank & File Educators
The social justice caucus of the UFT
“Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions”

Weekly Update #16 - 07.18.12

MORE Summer Series - Don’t miss the Second Session: Thursday, July 19, 5PM

Using the UFT elections to build a new movement with Kit Wainer

LOLITA Bar - located at 266 Broome Street (Between Grand & Delancey Streets) NYC, take B to Grand St., F to Delancey St. or the J, M, Z to Essex St.

The presentation will be preceded by a report on the work MORE is doing and hopes to to. Please consider getting involved with MORE. We need volunteers to expand the work of MORE. MORE is not just about being an alternative to Unity Caucus but about building a movement that can help serve the needs of UFT members and support their work in the communities they serve by making all of us a force inside and outside the union.

Last week, session 1 on union history attracted 60 people.

Videos from session 1

UFT History Through 1968 With Michael Fiorillo

UFT Caucus History Since 1968 - Norm Scott

Read the Gotham Schools report on the MORE summer event (link below)

MORE in the News


Teachers union faction wants to shake up electoral status quo

Longtime teachers union members Norm Scott (left) and Michael Fiorillo give a brief history lesson to potential MORE members Thursday. (Rachel Mromidas, Gotham Schools).

In These Times Reports

Dissident Caucus Aims to Give NYC Teachers Union M.O.R.E.

In These Times

MORE at the Con Ed Picket Line
Members of New York's Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (MORE) turned out to support striking Con Ed workers in early July. Founded this year, MORE plans to challenge the reign of the Unity caucus in next year's union elections.   (Photo via Facebook)

Upcoming MORE Committee Meetings

Next MORE Planning Committee Meeting

Monday, July 23 , 2:30 PM: RSVP to Kit Wainer

Next MORE Election Committee Meeting
Tuesday, July 31, 2:30 PM, at Karavas restaurant, 164 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014
Minutes of previous meetings are available at MORE Google Docs. Email us if you don’t have access

MORE Members act out this summer

MORE members will be at the AFT convention in Detroit July 26-30.
MORE members at Save Our Schools in Washington DC Aug. 3-5.

MORE Summer Series

Learn about MORE this summer: Can YOU imagine a transformed UFT?

Come to our Thursday Night Summer Series at:      
LOLITA Bar - located at 266 Broome Street (Between Grand & Delancey Streets) NYC, take the F to Delancey St. or the J, M, Z to Essex St.


Each “listen & learn” discussion will be preceded by a brief membership meeting at which all are welcome, and followed by happy hour socializing & schmoozing

Second Session: Thursday, July 19, 5PM

Using the UFT elections to build a new movement, with Kit Wainer

Third Session: Thursday, August 2, 5PM

“Each one, Teach one:” MORE Messaging and Outreach

Fourth Session: Thursday, August 16, 5PM

Growing into the Fall: Launching our Fall Campaign

Join the MORE Chapter Leader and Delegate Meet-up group listserve.

There are already vibrant discussions going on dealing with the issues of tenure extension, end of year grievances, harassment and other issues. Plug in. Send an email to and ask to be added to the chapter leader listserve (not the same as MORE Discussion).

If you haven’t already, join MORE! And please take a moment to check out our website at

Spread the word--help build MORE!

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We want to hear from you! Check out MORE’s online discussion forum to get the latest news and goings on, and to join in the conversation.

Christine Rubino
On Monday many NYC teacher blogs organized the publication of Christine Rubino’s story.

A a 14 year teacher with a spotless record, she was terminated over a Facebook posting in poor taste after a 3020a hearing.
Here union attorney told her to resign as she couldn’t win. She fired him and spent her own money on a lawyer and then had the ruling overturned by a judge (Jaffe) who ordered the hearing officer who terminated her (in a real slap-down) to give her a lesser penalty. Instead of being chastened the hearing officer penaized Christine with a 2 year suspension without pay. She has 3 children and has already lost her house.

Here are a few comments from Christine thanking the bloggers, who are organizing a defense fund for her (

I want to thank you for sticking by be..and seeing me through this whole mess. It is quite a crazy story, and I think each of you have really put a unique spin on this story...your writings are a reflection from just us talking, emailing, or texting...I know some of you have spent hours reading some of the paperwork. They amount to a whole entire 2 ft by 4ft file cabinet.

I have already put in a motion to Judge Jaffe...jumping on my old article 75... We are pleading to her in the next month or so...yes..I go...stand in the courtroom...minus the shackles and wail like a baby. I don't mean to..but just happens. We are asking for her to consider how harsh this new penalty is,

When I appeared the first time, she wanted to know, if I was arrested for a crime. When, my lawyer told her no...she said..I was a character in the book 1984...and that, that scared her. She also stated to the DOE...that this is not the right punishment for me and sometimes, they should learn to have compassion. She looked at me...and this is when I cried hysterically...she said..."THE NYC Board of Education should be thanking you for your 14 years of service. She then, stated-if she anything for me legally she would try to find something...but I am doubtful....ahhhh more puts me back into the same position...What a long drawn out game..with my family as the pawns..

Your support and your stories will help shine a light on the injustices many people face or have faced. We are all in this together...and it's any moment-you can be gone! Sad!!



I was originally opposed to running in the elections next year because I think a new group like MORE which is made up of people from so many different organizations needs to time to get to know each other while building a strong foundation for future growth. I was concerned that the heat of an election campaign would distract people from the task of building such a foundation.  And given that Unity has so rigged the elections in a winner take all system, not winning anything might make people feel the effort was wasted. But at this early stage there is a sense of keeping feet on the ground and moving forward. There are certainly more forces involved and more enthusiasm than I've seen before.

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