Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cohen Denied on Cuomo Commission Political Agenda: YES to E4E NO to Change the Stakes

The Education Commission did not choose to hear my testimony, nor Carol Burris ---- Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen comments on her "testimony" never heard by Cuomo Mis-Education Commission from our last post as faux educators from Students Last and E4E get priority.
Your kind words help keep me going, Norm. The Education Commission did not choose to hear my testimony, nor Carol's. They did however hear from $tudentsFirst's Anna Hall and not one but TWO representatives of E4E (with nearly-identical testimony - tenure protects ineffective teachers, the teaching profession suffers because teachers remain in the classroom for 20+ years, the state needs to impose an evaluation system on any districts that have not approved one)

The most baffling part is why this nonsense continues to surprise me.

...and that was after security stopped us because "no more people [were] being allowed upstairs" (even though somebody already inside had just texted that there were plenty of seats). Then a uniformed guard and a beefy guy in a suit came down and announced that people "on the list" could go up. I handed him my ID, and he took a cursory glance at the list and informed me I wasn't on it. "Yes I am! I can see my name on it! It's right there!" I pointed to my name and he flipped the script to, "oh, only people on THIS part of the list can go up..." Then Suit Guy raised his voice and ordered me to leave the building and get on the line that was still outside. After a couple of minutes of Uniform Guy barking at us to make our line single-file, they announced that they would let us inside 5-at-a-time.

One of the more demoralizing mornings in recent memory. (Up there with Day 3 of the 3rd grade ELA test.)

Chris Cerrone 10:44pm Jul 26
Three summaries of New York Ed Commission hearings:




Many common concerns from the three authors.

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