Saturday, July 7, 2012

Join MORE on the Con Ed picket lines: Sat, July 7th 12 noon union square

Forward far and wide!

As long as 8500 Con Ed workers are locked out. . .  educators will support them!

Even if the Unity leadership of the UFT won't actively support our union brothers and sisters from UAUW Local 1-2, The Movement of Rank and file Educators (MORE) is committed to mobilizing our members to show solidarity.      

Same struggle, same fight.

Meet-up in front of whole foods, across from Union Square at 12pm, this Saturday, July 7th.

From a participant on Thursday when MORE members and supporters joined the picket line:

“They gave us a hero’s welcome. About 1000 workers were there cheering us and thanking us for the solidarity. On both sides there were picket lines… they all got so excited to see us chanting ‘teacher, teacher.’ Loud whistles, noise makers… the crowd went nuts. We got thumbs-up, high fives, people thanked us…. We all agreed that we have not felt so appreciated as educators in a long time.”

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