Saturday, July 14, 2012

GEM Film Inspires Man To Lunacy

What a disgusting bunch you are! Your group and efforts to undermine people that actually care about children has mobilized me into action!  --- Jeff Thompson, from outer space
Yes, we get letters at GEM. Thompson was so inspired he left a 12:30 AM rant on the cell phone of a woman with a week old baby. Yes, Jeff, we see how you care about children.

Here is the email.
From: Jeff Thompson <>
Date: Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Subject: The Inconvenient Truth behind Waiting for Superman

What a disgusting bunch you are!

When I went to school, we were taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think.  In debate, discussion was stopped when one side tried to denigrate the other instead of showing the merits of their own argument.

Your union leaders and those that willingly follow them should be ashamed of themselves.  Thank GOD Walker won in Wisconsin and you will soon lose OH, IN and MI as INDEPENDENT THOUGHT and SENSE make their way through the crap you spew into responsible people's minds.

People are done with the mediocrity you have been dishing out through your union minions.

Your effort to achieve a socialist rainbow and unicorn utopia where the "evil rich" pay for your lazy, union-protected rear ends as you push children over the brink of failure by the millions will be coming to an end!

Thank you for your blatent lack of anything substantive.  Your group and efforts to undermine people that actually care about children has mobilized me into action!
Thank you,

Jeff Thompson
THANK YOU, JEFF for the great yuks. You are some great writer of parody, but shame in you for making fun of those right wing tea bagger nuts. 


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  1. When did Michelle Rhee change her name to Jeff Thompson?

  2. Unlike my blog, this is a family blog, thus decorum prevents me from commenting further on Mr Reality's comment.

  3. This is a "consider the source" kind of moment. Jeff Thompson's Facebook page would lead any reasonable person to the conclusion that he's a racist, xenophobic teabagger with a hell of a lot more time on his hands than your average public schoolteacher. Mr. Thompson posts rants about the socialist president, illegal aliens, misunderstood Michele Bachmann, vigilante justice, unions, and taxes (among other things) at all hours of the day and night. I get the feeling that he was driven to lunacy long, long ago.

    He should get points for word play, though. How many times does one have the opportunity to contemplate a unicorn utopia built by lazy, disgusting union minions?

  4. Anyone who calls a person after midnight just to rant has a few screws loose.

    I'm surprised you even gave him blog space.

  5. I also have a few screws loose but this guy's entire tool box is on the loose.

  6. It's good to expose these nuts. Maybe someone will email a few choice words.


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