Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jeff Kaufman to UFT on Day of Action: You guys are kidding, right?

Is this how we organize against an evaluation system which will undoubtedly cost many of us our jobs and tenure? We have already caved in by allowing most of the evaluation system to be implemented to be made part of the new law. It is no wonder that we end up with the short stick when our Union’s only reaction is a couple of high priced television ads and a half-assed “rally” organized by sending out a one page anti-Bloomberg leaflet by email to Chapter Leaders one week before the governor imposed deadline and expecting them to bring their members to undisclosed locations. You guys are kidding, right?

Jeff Kaufman
Chapter Leader
Aspirations High School
Brooklyn, New York
Great work Jeff. with signs approaching that the Unity gang were softening up for the deal (I will follow up with news of that). Jeff was responding to this email from his District Rep regarding the Day of action flyer - which I will post when I get a copy.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Due to the increasing pressure related to the deadline for the New Teacher Evaluation system, it is urgent that we push our agenda of developing a system that helps teachers help kids. The union is asking every school to hand out flyers either at their school or at a transportation hub on Monday. So, please organize your chapter so that this can be done either in the morning or during the afternoon after school. I have attached a copy of the flyer to this message. Please download and copy it at your school. If this impossible for you to do, let me know and I will make every effort to get you the flyers.
Thank you in advance.
Dist Rep POS
{who will remain nameless but who I refer to as a Piece of Shit -- so POS will do.}
Some CLs responded positively to Jeff and asked what could be done?
Are there any ideas out there? A rally at UFT HQ on Jan. 17?


Mulgrew Out...MORE IN said...


We, as Chapter Leaders, are well aware of the shame that is handed to us by UFT Dysfunctional Representatives (DR's). All they care about are photo-ops. Heaven forbid we ask relevant questions at District meetings. One DR swore to the CL's that Mulgrew would never do anything to put teachers in jeopardy. The DR said Mulgrew has our best interest at heart. With that comment, the CL's had plenty to say, only to be silenced by the DR's comment, "new business only." There were plenty of very angry CL's after that meeting. Teachers feel like they have been stabbed in the back by their own union. The fix is in.

Unitymustgo! said...

I feel like I've been dropped by my District rep. I never seem to get any e-mails any more about anything. When I send one it takes for ever if ever to get a reply and usually the information if provided is useless and/or contradicts what the rep said in person at our meetings and leaves me blowing in the wind. Have not received anything about handing out flyers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a CL, but over the last year whenever I've mentioned this to teachers (new unfair data assessment) they thought I was crazy. Now, some know I'm right...but WAY too late...if this goes's all over as a career. How can this ever be reversed?