Monday, January 28, 2013

Parents Support MORE Too

Yes Virginia, building a social justice caucus aligned with parents is part of the game plan. MORE is forging parent and even college student liaison groups -- there was quite a nice crew at the MORE meeting on Saturday -- the MORE counterforce to the phony no-nothing Student First anti-teacher crew from Columbia. Here is a great letter sent out from parent activist Janine Sopp.
Dear Parents, Teachers and Friends,

You may already know about the Movement of Rank and File Educators, a new caucus of progressive educators who will be running in the 2013 UFT elections. As a parent working on issues of high stakes testing, increasing class sizes, charter school invasions and budget cuts, it thrills me to see another option and new energy stir within the teachers in our schools. Watching the events unfold in Chicago a few months ago and now in Seattle, our teachers can make a tremendous difference in changing the landscape of our public schools, especially in the face of those who seek to create systems that will unfairly rate our teachers, our schools and our children.

I am reaching out to see who would be willing to distribute the MORE leaflet in your school, placing them in the mailboxes of mailboxes of teachers, paras, secretaries, guidance counselors and anyone else who might like to know about this. Some of you are connected to a larger network and in this case could be very helpful to this grassroots effort to share this information. Please consider helping by distributing to your contacts. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to do and would help get the word out with this very important opportunity. Simply email me back with the school(s) you are connected to and I will find out if this school is in need of a distributor. I will find the best way to get the leaflets to you. Your support is greatly appreciated. Feel free to visit MORE's website to learn more, and help spread the word,

Thanks and hope to see you soon. Below, the specifics from MORE.

Dear friends,

The Movement of Rank and File Educators is running in the 2013 UFT elections. We are very excited about our prospects but our task ahead is daunting. We need your help! Can you help us distribute campaign literature in schools in Brooklyn? It will help us if you can put our campaign literature in the mailboxes in your school. It will help even more if you can put campaign literature in other schools nearby. Finally, if you can get friends or co-workers to help us that will be a great help too!

If you are able to help please reply to this email. If you know of specific schools to which you can get campaign literature please let me know. If you just know of a zip code or district within which you can help let me know that and I'll let you know which schools we still need covered.

Thanks again,

Kit Wainer

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