Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mulgrew OK With Handing Over Our Bargaining Rights to Cuomo

Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, said in a statement that he “would prefer a negotiated settlement,” but supported state intervention if talks fail again-- Gotham Schools,  Cuomo proposes state takeover in NYC teacher eval impasse

We can't even classify this as merely a sell-out, but total capitulation. In order to be Vichy you have to surrender first. Parlez vous francais, Mulgrew?  Try this:  Je me rends.

RBE is waxing poetic at Perdido Street School, closing with this: Don't we want MORE out of our union leadership than this?

Mulgrew: I'm Fine With Cuomo Imposing An Evaluation System

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  1. Cuomo suddenly got the urge to intervene in Bloomy's favor. Since he's at it, why didn't he intervene for a fair teacher contract that expired almost 4 years ago? If every school district submitted a "teacher evaluation" plan good for a year, why do we have to accept a State made evaluation? It should be uniform and by law mandated for all the school districts in the entire New York State...or is it the we New Yorkers are special? Nonsense!


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