Thursday, January 3, 2013

MORE Press Release on Cuomo's report

UFT Presidential candidate Julie Cavanagh said, "We hoped the Commission would place a greater emphasis on giving schools and teachers the tools they need to truly put children first. This would mean lowering class sizes,  accepting parents as stakeholders in public education, listening to the perspective of career educators, and equitable funding for our schools. Unfortunately, it is precisely these issues the Commission has largely ignored."--- MORE press release

I'm sure the UFT leaders also had something to say. Ho-hum


MORE on Governor Cuomo’s Education Commission Report

The Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (MORE) is pleased that Governor 
It is unfortunate to note, however, that the report released today says nothing about lowering class size. It says nothing about ensuring that a fair amount of funding reaches New York City's classrooms. The report is silent on the need to provide fair funding for urban districts in general, where the overwhelming majority of impoverished students live.  
Further, its recommendations regarding technology and teacher recruitment and retention are untested and unsupported. These are, essentially, corporate-minded reforms that we believe are not in the best interest of our children, our schools and our profession.
Rather than experimenting with other people's children and tax dollars, education funding should be spent on what we know works: small class sizes and supporting and retaining experienced educators.  
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