Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rally to Demand a Member-Wide Vote this Thursday at the UFT

I picked this off DOENUTS blog. More stuff coming. And more MORE stuff coming. One of the young MORE activists made up this sheet for her staff and for anyone who wants to print. (email me for the file). This young teacher just got tenure and is very happy -- don't believe the lies of groups like E4E -- young teachers desperately want and support tenure.

*It's best if you print them out on an 81/2 x 11 sticker sheet and then cut them.

Rally to Demand a Member-Wide Vote this Thursday at the UFT

If you read this post from GothamSchools, you'll see that the efforts of MORE may (stress may) be having an effect on our leadership's decision-making process. Get your butt on the train tomorrow and get to the rally. If you can get the delegate card from your school's Delegate or Chapter Leader, then DO IT!! And go and vote no at the DA!! Also:
  • Check in with ednotes for any updates or to download literature
  • Tweet -frequently!- along the hashtag #VoteNoEval or #UFTDA
All UFT chapter leader and delegates should Vote NO so that they can bring back the agreement to their chapters for a full vote.
Stay up to date with the latest details by joining our email list by request at or follow us at @morecaucusnyc
Join MORE this Thursday to demand a member wide vote on our new evaluation system at 52 Broadway NYC UFT Headquarters on Thursday 1/17 beginning at 3:30 for a rally before the Delegate Assembly (DA). All educators and concerned citizens are encouraged to come and have their voices heard.

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