Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sharpton Doesn't Show at Philly Event While Weingarten Does

Our contact in Philadelphia sent us a follow-up to his report on this event Weingarten and Sharpton, Perfect Together -
Al Sharpton was a no show at the MLK event in Philadelphia. His spokeswoman said he was 50% on his way, but stuck in traffic and realized he couldn't make it on time. She wasn't very convincing. The crowd greeted her announcement with silence.

Randi Weingarten spoke three minutes. She did some shouting, pumping her fist about the planned closing of 37 public schools in Philadelphia. After reciting a list of the outrageous we face she asked if we were going to let them do it. Everyone shouted no, and that was it. No proposal for any kind of action.

The other union leaders were little better.
But exactly what is the AFT going to do about -- not talk about how outrageous it is -- the shutting down of almost entire public school system in major cities?

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Unknown said...

I am wondering why Randi hasn't set up her concession stand and locked in a merit pay scheme like she did for the lucky folks in Newark...