Monday, January 14, 2013

Jeff Kaufman Vs. Charley Turner and Why You Should be Outside the UFT Deleagate Assembly This Thursday

My distribution list is exclusively dedicated to communicating important information to my chapter leaders. It is not to be use by you to spread you bile. ---Charley Turner, UFT District Rep, Brooklyn HS to Jeff Kaufman

My chapter and I are with Jeff on this one ...Brooklyn HS CL

I started running this delicious account between Jeff Kaufman, Charlie Turner and other CLs in the Brooklyn HS district. (See Part 1: Jeff Kaufman to UFT on Day of Action: You guys are kidding, right?) Part 3 is coming later.

Read this and tell me how you can stay away from the rally outside the UFT DA this Thursday starting at 3:30 and continuing I hope throughout the meeting as a way to urge the delegates to vote NO. The UFT is telling people there may not be a vote if there is no agreement and then the meeting will focus on actions to counter the expected assault on the union for losing the money. My sense is that it is not in the DNA of Unity to stand up to such an onslaught.

Remember what Peter Goodman said in his blog that compared MORE to the tea party for resisting the eval (Unity Hack Peter Goodman Compares MORE to Tea Party for Opposing Any Deal on Evaluation):
The union must satisfy the membership and the mayor the public at large – especially the print media and the pro-(de)reform factions, Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) and StudentsFirstNY, the Rhee klaven.
Yes, of course the union must satisfy Rhee and ed deformers ESPECIALLY more than the members (and note how Goodman uses the ed deform term I created -- I won't charge him). So do you think they have the spine to stand up, especially since Randi has at least one foot in their camp?

Better than Tele Nova, here is part 2 where Jeff responds to Turner's email which you can read below his response.
Thanks, Charley for your openness and willingness to engage in debate. Of course Chapter Leaders should only be instructed by one group. You provide a wonderful open forum. That’s why I make sure to attend every meeting. The Delegate Assembly is a sham and you know it. Randi used to use a phony Roberts’ Rules to stop debate; now Mulgrew just rams his crap through. The leaders who chair Delegate Assemblies have no interest in open debate and will do everything in their power to prevent debate and marginalize delegates with an opposing view. They even curtailed members’ right to speak to the Executive Board.

If you honestly believe what I write are rants you are more out of touch than I thought. Who elected you? Who do you represent? When I first became a Chapter Leader we elected District Reps. Randi stopped the practice and you have been beholden to the wrong end of the Union ladder…the top.

Our members cannot be trivialized. Our Chapter Leaders understand what is going on and despite a few that drink the Kool-Aid they actually work in the schools and know how bad it is. You will not be able to silence them any longer.

Best, as always,

Jeff Kaufman

Chapter Leader

Aspirations High School

Once again, I am not interested in listening to your rants. I asked you not to use my distribution list for such a purpose and now you have forced me to alter my communication with my chapter leaders. My distribution list is exclusively dedicated to communicating important information to my chapter leaders. It is not to be use by you to spread you bile. The place for debate is on the floor of the delegate assembly and in the blogs that are available for all those interested in reading and expressing their own opinions. I provide is timely information for chapter leaders to help them execute their position effectively and to provide the union’s message to them. Your messages are divisive and your motive is disgusting.

Charley Turner, UFT District Rep
Poor Charley, otherwise known in these parts as a POS, now has to modify how he distributes his Unity propaganda.

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Anonymous said...

Charlie has revealed exactly what we thought he was all about. Jeff is exact about all that he addresses. Charlie says that Jeff's motives for speaking truth to power is disgusting. No! It is Charlie Turner and all that are like him that are disgusting, and they know it. DRs should be elected not appointed!

Jeff, more power to you. That's how you should use the list. Remember your dues pay for the UFT to work for you too! Actually, all real CLs should be sharing all email addresses to contact members. Sell out CLs need not engage or if you are scared, then just pass it on to a CL that you know will.

Norm thanks for follwing up and posting.

jed said...

I have been boycotting the DA for about the last 6 sessions. It's a waste of my time.

Even if there was debate at these meetings, the hacks would vote the way they are told. Perhaps then the debate would make the absurdity or machine politics all the more apparent.

Prior to my boycotting the DA I raised my hand 4 times at 4 different DAs and Mulgrew passed over me to pick someone who had already spoken. Is this because the last time he called on me (at the Meet the President dinner) I told him he'd be elected with about 18 percent of the membership (since only 25 percent vote) and wasn't that a bad thing? And, what do you suggest we do about it? He had no recommendation. I even gave him a heads up on my question to be nice.

I don't dislike the Unity folks personally, many I consider friends. It's why I don't respect it when good people like Jeff being are being accused of ranting just because he has a different point of view.

See you outside the DA Jeff.

John Elfrank-Dana
UFT Chapter Leader
Murry Bergtraum High School (soon to become Bergtraum Campus or Bergtraum Educational Complex)