Tuesday, January 1, 2013

E4E at Dec PEP Exposes Ties to Eva and Success

When I got on the speakers' line at the Dec. 20 PEP at 5PM, low and behold there were a bunch of E4E staffers and other E4E slugs already on line in front of me. Was E4E going to use the occasion to push their anti-UFT agenda calling for giving up the fight for a fair evaluation agreement?

Not at all. In fact they were there as placeholders so Eva's crew could get to speak. These are the people calling on the UFT to give up the rights of teachers by signing on to an evaluation agreement based on junk science. And of course they support handing over entire public school buildings to Eva's growing real estate empire.

Here are the real people at the PEP.


  1. Great that you exposed this E4E connection!
    The Pictures are so powerful!

  2. Thanks, Norm, for continuing to expose this deceptive organization, led by Gates-financed Fifth Columnists, and composed largely of naifs.

  3. I just finished a conversation with an online illustrated dictionary and they asked if they could use the above pic to accompany their definition of "wankers."


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