Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can You Trust John Merrow?

I know from following Merrow that this documentary would reveal very little in terms of pinning anything on Rhee. I had fun reading and writing tweets during the program.

Here are some Ed Notes comments on Merrow over the years.
Aug 11, 2008
I post a few snippets from this discussion on NCLB, narrated by PBS's John Merrow, Education Correspondent for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and President of Learning Matters Incorporated, as a warning. Should you wish ...

Apr 05, 2012
John Merrow There was a time not long ago when Merrow seemed to go along with all the sins of ed deform. Then he started talking to teachers. Here he realizes that it is not about the physical act of cheating - which until the ...

I wrote this commentary in May 2008.

John Merrow - Only an Idiot...

...would overlook Merrow's one-sided coverage of education on the News Hour With Jim Lehrer after he wrote a teacher union bashing op ed in the Wall St. Journal.

I could say only an idiot would write, "Only an idiot would overlook student performance, be it dismal or outstanding" and then go on to talk about the narrowest form of assessment possible while ignoring all the other assessments of student "performance" - how about attendance? how about functioning effectively in a social setting? - what's the matter, John, too hard to figure all this stuff out for a supposed "expert" on education.

It is no surprise Murdoch's Wall Street Journal gives him a platform. What's next? The NY Post?

Merrow's Learning Matters is funded by Annenberg, Gates, Broad, Kellogg - the usual suspects in the phony ed reform movement.

Check Eduwonkette's take: Who Slipped a Mickey in John Merrow's Kool-Aid?
Unfortunately I can't access either the WSJ Merrow teacher bashing article of Eduwonkette's piece.  Too bad we lost her brief shining star.
And this from Leonie:

John Merrow and his new documentary about the “amazing rebirth” of NOLA schools under Paul Vallas.  Due to be screened March 2013.

You can see some of the backers here:

One is Greg Richmond, CEO of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers

I’m sure there were many not listed on Kickstarter. Here are the benefits listed to large donors:

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