Saturday, January 26, 2013

D'Amato, Randi Mastro Back Thompson as Stalking Horse for Lhota

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson’s list of bundlers includes Randy Mastro, a former deputy Mayor to Rudolph Giuliani, who has raised about $60,000 for Thompson. Supporters also include lobbyist and fomer U.S. Senator Alfonse D’Amato, who bundled some $48,000 for Thompson primarily from developers and people in finance. And Richard Nasti, an executive lawyer for H.J. Kalikow — the real estate firm run by former Metropolitan Transportation Authority chair Peter Kalikow — raised another $19,800 for the candidate.

The info above was gathered by Ira Goldfine.
Remember how Bill Thompson ran an awful campaign and almost won against Bloomberg? It came out later that Bloomberg had been funding a museum being organized by Thompson's wife --- he was Bloomberg's choice for mayor. So now he is running to help divide the democratic ticket to make it easier for Lhota, who they want badly -- watch the NY Times pump this guy up as much as they can. And some pumping for Thompson as the Bloomberg/Giuliani people idea race would be Lhota/Thompson.
Ira responds to Randi's comment that Mastro is not a Bloomberg fan. But this is not about Bloomberg but making sure Lhota is the next Mayor. Does D'Amato really think Thompson is a winner? What a joke.

This is bigger then Bloomberg - this has everything to do with Lhota - check out this piece from the Daily News and to me its clear that this is about electing Lhota on behalf of the people that truly rule this city.

Former deputy mayor under Giuliani, Randy Mastro, is Bill Thompson's biggest fundraiser

  • Last Updated: 1:29 PM, January 16, 2013
  • Posted: 1:29 PM, January 16, 2013
The biggest fundraiser for Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson turns out to be Randy Mastro, a former deputy mayor in the Giuliani Administration.
"Really?" Mastro said when notified by The Post that he had rounded up more than anyone else for the former comptroller, $58,600, according to filings at the Campaign Finance Board.
Mastro said he's known Thompson since both served in city government in the mid-90's, when Thompson was president of the old Board of Education and Mastro was a top aide to then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
When Thompson sued to try to block the extension of term limits in 2008, Mastro served as his lawyer.
Bolivar Arellano/New York Post
Former Deputy Mayor under the Giuliani administration, Randy Mastro.
"I have friends who I respect running for mayor -- now I have multiple friends I respect," chuckled Mastro, referring to the probable entry of another former Giuliani deputy, Joe Lhota, into the mayor's race on the Republican side.
Mastro said he also intends to help Lhota.
So who's he going back if there's a showdown between the two in the general election?
Mastro's response was Solomon-like: "The city should be so fortunate on primary day to nominate two such stellar candidates."
Another ex-Giuliani aide who may writing two checks in the mayor's race is Randy Levine, who is now the president of the Yankees.
Records show he contributed $4.950, the maximum allowed, to City Council President Christine Quinn, who is leading the Democratic field of contenders.
No. 2 on Thompson's list of "intermediaries" who round up contributions for candidates was former Republican Sen. Al D'Amato, who pulled in $47,550.
D'Amato, now working as a lobbyist, has made no secret of his support for Thompson, having held a huge pre-Christmas fundraiser for him at Club 101 on Park Avenue.
One source said D'Amato didn't stop there.
"He was at an event and he was hitting up everyone for Bill Thompson," said the source. "My guess is he thinks he's a winner."

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Leonie Haimson said...

Bloomberg and Mastro do not get along; in fact Mastro is one of the few high-powered attorneys who has dared sue the city in recent years; including on issues like overturning term limits etc.