Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MORE: Rally to Demand a Member-Wide Vote this Thursday at the UFT

This was posted at MORE on Jan. 14 and below that is the downloadable leaflet on scribd (when it is up and running) if you want to share it with people in your school.

You can read the Jan. 12 MORE post here: MORE Statement on the Pending Evaluation Agreement Between the DOE and the UFT

I will be at the rally early with leaflets for people to give out and any help would be appreciated. And then there is the after DA event at a local bar where we will drown our sorrows or celebrate our joy.

Rally to Demand a Member-Wide Vote this Thursday at the UFT

Join MORE this Thursday to demand a member wide vote on our new evaluation system at 52 Broadway NYC UFT Headquarters on Thursday 1/17 beginning at 3:30 for a rally before the Delegate Assembly (DA). All educators and concerned citizens are encouraged to come and have their voices heard.

The indications are very strong the UFT leadership will reach an evaluation agreement with the Department of Education in just a few days and present it the Delegate Assembly without membership input nor education around finer aspects of the deal.This agreement will radically change our working conditions and our students’ learning conditions without any input from the almost 76,000 teachers of the United Federation of Teachers. This is outrageous!We will send out a digital version of our flier soon-please sign up to email below. We will have copies at DA for distribution starting at 3:30. Bring signs, fliers, poster-oak tag, markers, clipboards, and pens, we will need volunteers to gather names, emails, and phone #’s All UFT chapter leader and delegate should Vote NO so that they can bring back the agreement to their chapters for a full vote.

Stay up to date with the latest details by joining our email list by request at more@morecaucusnyc.org or follow us at Twitter.com @morecaucusnyc

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