Thursday, January 3, 2013

E4E Mauled in Chapter Election by ICE Candidate and at Raging Horse

Here is an E4E story Gotham won't report. I forgot to tell you the story of how one of the most extreme ICEers -- a 23 year hard-bitten militant anti-Unity candidate --- a guy who makes me look like a pussycat and even scares me -- defeated an E4Eer in a chapter election in a small high school in the Bronx this past fall, an indication of the outrage of so many teachers. When I heard the news I said, "Holy shit," at the idea that in a school with younger teachers this guy would get their votes. So much for E4E having any traction in the schools. Even young teachers view them as a 5th Column

I pointed out the other day that E4E is not only a shill for BloomCott, Gates,  and other corp deformers, but also for the Moskowitz charter machine (E4E at Dec PEP Exposes Ties to Eva and Success).

E4Eer and friends frolicking at the PEP
Patrick Walsh, a chapter leader in Harlem -- and a candidate on the MORE elementary Exec Bd slate -- mauled E4E on his raging horse blog where he refers to the pathetic rally E4E held not long ago on a Sunday afternoon -- their first and last rally apparently, given they cannot control who can attend like they do at their bund meetings. Sieg Sydney.

Educator 4 Excellence and the Strings They Pull

January 3, 2013
Once again the farce that calls itself Educators for Excellence, a minuscule organization existing solely to implement the will of its hubristic and anti-democratic billionaire backers, most prominently Bill Gates and the hedge fund gang that calls itself Democrats for Education Reform, have managed to land yet another editorial in a major New York paper, this time the New York Daily News.

There is, of course, no sane reason that as microscopic an organization as is E4E would be treated with such respect and prominence other than the fact that the same people who have ponied up over two million dollars for the two year old propaganda group paid other people to make   some serious phone calls to the honchos at the DN and the heroes of the “Liberal Media” found it advantageous to do their bidding. Hence, another editorial for E4E.
It is more than ironic that these people have the gall to speak of merit.
The editorial, like Educators 4 Excellence itself, is pathetic.   And, like all the times I have actually encountered this deceptive little group, I was almost initially disarmed by pathos.  The last time was a few weeks back at a tiny and tinny E4E rally for the same cause in which head shill Evan Stone, with characteristic humility, bellowed idiotically into a microphone to his 30 or so followers, “ I am not satisfactory!  I am excellent!” with all the energy and passion of a lonely salamander.

For a moment I could not help but pity the poor fool who was trying so hard to please his ultra-wealthy employers who have removed him from the hard work of teaching so as to allow him to play dummy to their ventriloquist.     What else can one feel but pathos?
For a moment, anyway.

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Michael Fiorillo said...

Yes, well after all, union members don't want to be represented by scabs-in-waiting and fifth columnists.