Monday, January 14, 2013

PS 15K Unanimous in Rejection of Ed Eval Deal

Statement regarding the UFT’s “Day of Action.”

We at P.S. 15 in Brooklyn, NY feel that today's "Day of Action" is an embarrassment. The UFT wants us passing out flyers asking the mayor to make a deal that we don't want; and in the event there is a deal, the UFT leadership has fought against all of our members being able to vote on it. We are outraged - considering this potential deal will have significant consequences on our jobs and classrooms.

Monday January 14, 2013
We as UFT members strongly oppose any deals regarding teacher performance evaluations. We believe that they are based on faulty high-stakes testing data and subjective performance reviews.

As union members we expect the UFT to support us in a positive direction rather than settle for a deal that would undermine the integrity of our profession and is not in the best interest of any student.

It is alarming/disheartening that we have been working without a contract for the last four years. Our dissatisfaction with the trends of this current leadership is the reason so many of us are considering voting for an alternative caucus, such as MORE. We demand leaders who support us as professionals and who will negotiate a contract that is in the best interest of New York City teachers and students alike.
100% of chapter signed it.

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