Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brian Lehrer Hearts Campbell Brown: A Play in One Act

Leonie Haimson: Lehrer seems eager to get the views of people like Campbell Brown.

Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer)
@campbell_brown would love to have you join in this afternoon if you're free. #30IssuesChat

Diane Ravitch: Who is Campbell Brown?

Leonie Haimson:
Campbell Brown is a former TV reporter married to Dan Senor (who used to work for Bush); Senor is a board member for StudentsFirst.
 Brown started making noise last year that DOE should be allowed to fire any teacher accused of sexual abuse whether or not it was proven by court or approved by independent arbitrator.  She was the first person given time to testify to Cuomo commission in NYC last year – along with some other politically connected astroturfers.
 Since I think this issue was too volatile for StudentsFirst – esp. since Rhee’s husband has been repeatedly accused of sexual abuse of minors -- she started new organization called the Parents transparency project

that ironically won’t reveal their funders.
 Now it says “The Parents´ Transparency Project is a watchdog group whose mission is to bring transparency to the rules, deals, and contracts negotiated between our state and local governments and the teachers´ unions.”  Joe Williams is also on the board.
 She now serves on the board of Success Academies, and Turnaround for children.  She is all over the place.  Sure to be featured on Education Nation this year.

Ellen: Sex sells......even for Brain Lehrer and WNYC.  Did Murdoch take them over as well? 

Diane Ravitch: I will be interviewed by Brian Lehrer on Monday morning.

Leonie H:
Well thank god he’s having you as a guest -- someone who actually knows something about our schools – in addition to Campbell Brown who seems to have jumped to the head of the list I suppose b/c of her celebrity and sensational claims.


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  1. Can I play Brian L. when it comes to the stage ?


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