Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Did You Talk About in School? Not How to Teach Johnny But MOSLs, Growth, Goals and BS

 Most people were shocked and upset about the MOSL system... Teacher report on first day PD.
I have no clue what a MOSL is -- any relation to Mozel (luck)? I
don't think luck is in the offing. More like Shlimossel (unlucky guy) where some unlucky teachers are going to get chopped.

The first days back for teachers used to be about getting ready for the kids. Setting up your room to create a welcoming environment, etc. There was so much to do, aside from the usual stuff like lesson planning.

Oh, there was always the usual bullshit from the principal about her vision -- repeated year after year almost word for word -- but that was at most 2 wasted hours where you could maybe get some paperwork done (though once she called me out as I did a roll book and ordered me to put it away -- I can multitask you know -- and when I kept doing it she charged me with insubordination -- that's another story for another time).

But it is a new ball game in the schools. It's not about kids, it's about MOSLs and how you as a teacher will be rated.

Now MOREistas have been very tuned in to the issue but the rank and file have not and may feel they are getting hit with a truck. [I'll post some comments from other teachers later who actually view this as a better thing than what came before.]

Here is a sample from one teacher about how yesterday went:
The PD on Danielson and MOSL was overwhelming to say the least. Most of the chapter was not tuned in all summer and found the presentations difficult to digest. 
Most people were shocked and upset about the MOSL system with most teachers coming to the conclusion that they have no control over their evaluations if they are not in Regents class.
I can say that out of staff of 70, 60 signed the [MORE] petition [calling for a moratorium].

I didn't pick up, in my first 1000 reads of the MOSL guide, that English/ESL teachers are required to use the NYC performance assessments  (page 14 and 16 for state measures) so this is going to mean more work for ELA/ESL teachers having to give the baseline and final (taking way learning time) and grading.

For the the MOSL committee it seems the most fair, and we understand this entire system is rigged there is no fair equation, but whats easiest, brings upon the least amount of additional work, and spread the pain evenly would be using the Regents scores and growth model as 40 % (20 school wide, 20 lowest third and Regents classes use individual as the target)

Does someone know what a sample "goal" would be if we chose that model- ay links you can share.

I do understand goals mean more work, but just want to offer committee concrete examples which I can't find in the book, it seems only 2 pages 42/43 is dedicated to this.

My suspicion is there isn't much difference between growth and goal, other than goals is much more work VAM/growth has more wiggle room. There's also safety in the herd, if everyone does VAM, we're better off doing it

I also suspect the samples on page 14/15 may be the best options.


  1. Here it is, folks!

    MOSL for Dummies:

    And if you have no MOSL, then you will be Maximally On Shit List!

  2. May the luck be with you!

    Coming to the NYC School System!!

    A lot more MOSL from Shael Polakow-Suransky!!!

    Elementary School:

    Middle School:

    High School:

    District 75 Supplement:

    MOSL Committee FAQs:



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