Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Breaking: NYPD String Safety Nets Around 52 Broadway in Case Thompson Doesn't Make Runoff

With so much at stake for the gang running the UFT and AFT (Randi) -- but not so much for NY city teachers -- who one would think are their main constituency -- there is fear that bodies will come crashing down from the roof of the UFT headquarters if Bill Thompson doesn't make it into the runoff, though I agree with Reality Based Educator that he probably will (2013 Election: Predictions And Endorsements).

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Just think of it. Can Bill di Blasio really be worse for UFT members than Thompson? Though I also agree with RBE not to trust di Blasio, Thompson is worse (Bill Thompson Hit The Brooklyn Streets Yesterday With Al D'amato Trolling For Votes).
Actually, much worse.

But this past weekend we saw the desperation with Leo Casey whining on twitter about how irresponsible MORE has been in not endorsing a candidate given that this is the most important election in poor Leo's life. We also saw New Action's Halabi tag teaming with his pal Leo in also making a point about MORE's non-endorsement. Yes, if Thompson loses it is all MORE's fault - as if the endorsement by a small caucus in the UFT would actually make a difference. We are not as pretentious as New Action was 4 years ago in endorsing Thompson and making that a big issue in their campaign in the UFT elections. Yawn.

I'm not going to get into the details of why on paper di Blasio seems better for educators and education than Thompson but this is all about power at the top, not about what is good for the rank and file. And for students and parents. So what else is new?

I saw that Thompson's big move is to allow parents to chose a member of the PEP. Gee wiz. Hey Bill, how about allowing parents to choose the entire PEP (other than the 5 borough president choices)?

You can't tell me that a guy supported by D'Amato and Tisch is good for us.

If di Blasio actually cuts into the charter lobby and makes charters pay the damn rent - which I am ready to bet he won't - then that is worth seeing him in office. As RBE points out (Bloomberg Furious He Can't Stop Attacks On His "Legacy), just having a guy win who trashes Bloomberg's legacy brings a smile to my face. But I really think he will turn into another Obama.

And there was that Wayne Barrett piece - What you don't know about Big Bill- Digging deeper into de Blasio's associations.
Scary stuff.

Imagine this scenario: di Blasio wins and screws us and the UFT leadership says "we told you so." As an organizer in the union trying to get people to join MORE, I would much rather have Thompson screw us so we can say "told you so."

By the way, I'm sure you noticed RBE's amazing election coverage and analysis at Perdido Street School blog.

He is holding his nose and voting for diB. I was thinking of going for Sal Albanese but am also thinking that if my vote puts Bill D over the 40% I'd hate to lose that opportunity. Sal was endorsed by The Wave out here (It’s Sal) and they made a good case for that not being a wasted vote. (If the link above doesn't work, you can read the endorsement editorial below the break. -- but here's a sample:
If you’re not crazy about any of the candidates—and admit it, you’re not -- hold on. Say the polls are fairly accurate and Sal will finish far behind. Your vote for Sal still holds value. Your vote will actually signal something to those left standing. Your “Sal” vote will be considered an “undecided” vote and will be sought after in a runoff or the general election.
I actually have mixed feelings about the idea of a runoff with Thompson. I'm thinking of the advantage of keeping that race alive and giving less time for the Lhota dogs to come out in force against dB.

I agree with RBE about Tish James for Public Advocate. She has steadily been moving in the direction of the forces battling ed deform.

I do not agree with his points about not endorsing Stringer though the idea of Spitzer winning (which I think he won't) in office putting burs in everyone's butt. I am voting Stringer out of loyalty to Patrick Sullivan who he appointed to the PEP even if I agree with RBE that he could get away with it given that Patrick was often a lone voice. Still .... Patrick is a Stringer guy and I am going with that.

I have a problem with the Queens borough president race since my guy Tony Avella dropped out. I don't like Valone or Katz, who is  the partner of Curtis Sliwa who makes me gag. And the BP picks a PEP person so it is important but if I had to hold my nose I would go for Katz --- no, I can't do it.

My local Assemblyman, Phil Goldfeder, is a great guy and has made himself a Rockaway fave, so that's a no brainer.

Well, gotta go exercise my voting arm -- those old voting machines are rusty.

Hey, this is Rockaway. We know the deal with being isolated, overlooked, and forgotten about. We know we’re New York’s best kept secret and a hidden gem.

It should come as no surprise then that we identify with Sal Albanese.

Among those running for mayor, Sal Albanese is often forgotten but to us, he’s a hidden gem.

The Wave can’t turn its back on someone just because poll numbers suggest he’s got no shot.

Hear us out. There are two reasons to vote for Sal. The first reason is he earned it. He came here often and demonstrated knowledge about Rockaway-specific issues and that can’t be said of others.

He and Anthony Weiner are the only ones who offered an idea about dealing with crippling flood insurance premiums– the storm no one in public office is preparing for.

Both candidates suggested subsidizing flood insurance with grants but Sal offered a more nuanced suggestion. He said rates should be subsidized until jetties and seawalls and dunes are in place. With hard structures, premiums should come down to a manageable level and then the subsidy could be removed. That’s an idea. It’s not just the usual line we hear from candidates: I’m going to fight for affordable insurance rates. Fight? We get sick of that word. Everyone’s a fighter. Yeah, we get that.

He was here. Often. More than any other candidate. And that matters. You’ve got to see Rockaway with your own two eyes to appreciate both its beauty and its scars from Sandy.

You’ve got to be in Rockaway to see vacant lots where houses stood just 10 months ago; you’ve got to be in Rcckaway to appreciate the damage, the challenges.

You’ve even got to be here to appreciate the pot holes and horrible roads. And you’ve got to be here to appreciate the people.

Sal has been here. He gets it. He’s been fully supportive at rallies for better transportation to Rockaway and has released a full transit plan.

A former high school teacher and a lawyer, Sal’s got a rich background unlike some of the career politicians vying for the job of mayor.

Some might think it’s wasting a vote. Some scoff at voting for someone not registering in the polls. Well, voting for someone just because they look good in the polls is really something to be scoffed at. Sal Albanese has earned our vote. He earned it. That’s what matters. You can be proud to vote for Sal.

And while you might think we’re crazy, there is a method to our madness. Sal deserves the vote on the merits, period. However, there is another way to look at this.

If you’re not crazy about any of the candidates—and admit it, you’re not -- hold on. Say the polls are fairly accurate and Sal will finish far behind. Your vote for Sal still holds value. Your vote will actually signal something to those left standing. Your “Sal” vote will be considered an “undecided” vote and will be sought after in a runoff or the general election. There will be a scramble for the undecided and if Rockaway has enough undecided voters, the remaining candidates will have to pay attention to Rockaway.

You can do your part by voting for Sal Albanese.

That’s our hope. We hope enough people vote for Sal Albanese because he earned it and because it will be telling the others that they still have to earn Rockaway’s support.

Rockaway can be a voting bloc. It would be a great thing if Rockaway tried voting with unity in mind. Vote for Sal Albanese.

PS: When Mayor Bloomberg insisted on allowing the NYC Marathon to go on, Bill de Blasio supported Bloomberg.


  1. Thompson=Tisch...how can any teacher vote for Tisch?

  2. I considered voting for Sal, but decided not to.

    I have no expectations for De Blasio, given his captivity by real estate interests - and let's not forget that charter schools are, among other things, a real estate play - but am voting for him anyway, since it's a small way to repudiate Weingrew.


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