Sunday, September 1, 2013

Real Politics: Will They Turn de Blasio into Mark Green and make Lhota King?

If De Blasio wins the runoff and then the nomination, there will be an attempt to "Mark Green" him. But I don't think they will be able to do that easily.

Most interesting would be a run-off with Thompson -- watch the unions battle that one out. But all along some of us have watched the machinations -- ie, Tisch and D'Amato for Thompson - as part of the campaign to get their real guy in -- Lhota -- in an attempt to repeat 2001.

Let's review the 2001 mayoral race that brought Bloomberg to power. Hevesi, the crook, was enthusiastically endorsed by the UFT in August -- I was at that Ex Bd meeting where Randi introduced him with such glowing words. The UFT would not go near Ferrar or Green. So when they made the runoff, the UFT held its nose and endorsed Ferrar. Ooops. Two-time losers. So when Green won the runoff they again held their noses and very reluctantly endorsed Green. Voila: Bloomberg. UFT- 3 time losers, never to go near a mayoral endorsement again until this time.

(Sidenote: I was at an Ex Bd meeting I think back in May or June, 2001 when Randi started to giggle as she said:  Bloomberg wants to stop by and will be here in 10 minutes -- her attitude was so smug. So Bloomberg does show and makes his pitch and everyone is polite. I made sure to give him ed notes on his way out. I really had little idea who he was. I would never suggest the UFT should have endorsed him or sat out the mayoral race.)

So just how much did the UFT leadership's poor political judgement lead to 12 years of hell for educators? I leave you to judge. And how desperate are they now to not be proven wrong once again with their Thompson endorsement? How deaf are they to the outrage of the Tisch connection or the D'Amato support or the growing Thompson scandals?

A perfect example: Randi's attack on de Blasio for his pre-k plan where she disparaged his funding plans as being unrealistic instead of saying: we think your plan is unrealistic but we are on board to make it happen in any way we can. How embarassing that Randi endorsed Thompson BEFORE the Delegate Assembly? And Thompson's waiting in the wings? And the phony explanation? I'm betting that an enormous number of teachers are ignoring the UFT pleas.

Let's examine the current state of the mayoral race as the dynamic changes every day.

A few weeks ago it looked like a Weiner/Quinn runoff. Then it looked like Quinn/Thompson for a brief time. Then came the de Blasio surge, leaving Quinn and Thompson to battle for the last run-off position. Imagine if Thompson doesn't make the run-off. Where does the UFT go? Quinn or de Blasio?

I predict they sit round 2 out and just endorse whoever wins the Dem nom. If Lhota wins (never say never) then the UFT can claim they were only 2 time losers instead of 3.

I don't trust de Blasio - any more than the others. I would bet a substantial sum that he forgets all about the charters paying rent or many of the other parts of his programs. Watch one day Howard Wolfson stand by his side with Bloomberg's support and praise Bill's "willing to listen to reason." And if he wins and runs for re-election in '17, see who will support him. And watch who he appoints to the PEP and as chancellor. Should be fun.

While I would vote for Sal or Liu-- and still may just to make a statement to the winner that there is support for a more liberal agenda.

RBE has not let up on the reporting, so check all the posts out.
Here are some links:

NY Times Follows Thompson Story Up With De Blasio Story

Yesterday the Times put a front page story out that essentially said Bill Thompson is a crook.

They've done "expose" stories on Quinn, Weiner, and now Thompson, so I figured the de Blasio "expose" was coming soon.

Tonight they're out with it, and if this is all they've got on him, it's not much.

De Blasio's Cozy Relationship With The Real Estate Industry

Dunno why the NY Post and NY Daily News editorial boards are upset at the prospect of a de Blasio mayorality.

As Dana Rubenstein shows in an extensive post at Politicker, de Blasio was very happy to cut deals on the Atlantic Yards mess, the Gowanus Canal sell-out to Toll Brothers, and a Fourth Avenue rezoning for taller buildings that the Bloomberg administration wanted.


  1. I don;t think Lhota is going to be mayor - he's too big a jerk and he can't hide it. I wrote about that yesterday too.

    I think the powers that be will just piece de Blasio off and all will be well in Bloomberg's universe. Let's be honest, it's not like de Blasio is a real progressive or anything. He's a politician - he's for sale. And they'll make the price right for him.

    I'll support him because he's the best we're going to get and we're very lucky that we're not getting Quinn or Weiner. But I agree with you that he'll turn his back on many of his "progressive" pledges and promises and the UFT will happily re-endorse him 2017 when he runs as a Clinton DLC Democrat.

  2. Great post! I agree about RBEs reportin post as well... A Fun fact(which I'm sure you know): de Blasio ran Hillary's first Senate run. On that team? Howie Wolfson. They both fought, but they're both Hillary people and the idea of "Howie" standing by his side more accurate than some people may think.
    Having said all that? Just for fine tuning a message of progressivism, de Blasio is my guy (there will be plenty of time to be angry with him later).


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