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Susan Ohanian New Content: Sept. 26, 2013

I never get to all of the stuff Susan compiles with her great comments but am posting so we have an archive of links, especially when we need to collate stuff on common core. Can we work with the right/tea party gang to defeat this sucker? If I ever get some time off from sitting in the backyard and contemplating something or other I will write a piece based on my discussion with my friend's college prof son, a progressive who couldn't see why people are against the CC -- until I gave him the skinny. I don't know if I convinced him but those who are in the middle of the road with the truck heading at them feel it viscerally. I try to commiserate from the distance of my back yard -- as Susan does so well from her Vermont retreat.

I posted a little piece over at Schools Matter:
Bill and Melinda Gates Money at Work. It shows how Josh Edelman of Stand for Children is pushing Common Core

I'm sending the 'Offering Gov Scott help' piece again because Paula Meyer wrote such a terrific letter to Scott. Go forth and do likewise.

The Eggplant is back.


Drumroll Please: An ABC of Common Core Resistance
Susan Ohanian

I've compiled a state-by-state list of sites set up specifically to oppose the Common Core. It sure makes me wonder: Where are the progressives?

Common Core: A Lesson Plan for Raising Up Compliant, Non-Thinking Citizens
John W. Whitehead
OpEd News

Indoctrination through compliance is a major danger of the Common Core. Train kids from preK to be obedient responders who follow directions.

 Offering Gov Scott help: Are Progressives Up to the Task?
6 reporters & editorialists
Tampa Bay Times, Orlando Sentinel, & Miami Herald

There is a commonality about  coverage of the Common Core from three Florida newspapers. Reading all this commentary and reporting from three papers coverage of Gov. Scott's action  will test progressivist Common Core opponents' willingness to parse their categories of good guys and bad guys. Question: Are you up to the task? I suggest a way to help Gov. Scott out of this mess.

 The Two Faces of American Education
Andew Delbanco


We needed a review of the serious issues Diane Ravitch addresses, and we didn't get it. What we got was a soft approach toward Rhee's self-congratulation and. . . sparse treatment of the essential issues Ravitch raises.

I've subscribed to The New York Review of Books since their inception. I don't know when I've been more disappointed in a review.

To the editor
Stephen Krashen
Greenville News (SC)

Stephen Krashen is librarians' greatest advocate, as we all should be.

A Report Card on Education Reform
David Leonhardt
New York Times

Duncan sticks to his script. Head of Business Roundtable  unwittingly reveals what is fundamentally wrong with ed deform.

Crazy White House Proposal: Rank Colleges Based On How Much Graduates Earn
Les Leopold

Team Obama wants to turn higher education into yet another financial instrument, thus proving they can ruin education preK-infinity.

New York Times Declares Bill Gates Unfit for Microsoft Leadership Role

New York Times Deal B%%k

Bill Gates' many talents don't include effectiveness as chairman.

LAUSD halts home use of iPads for students after devices hacked
Howard Blume
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles school officials are in a panic because LAUSD students have figured out how to bypass security restrictions on iPads issued to them by the school district, giving them access to non-scholastic Internet sites.

I say good for the students.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  and US Department of Education Join Hands to  Announce Operation STOP
Susan Ohanian
The Eggplant

It's The Eggplant. Proceed at your own risk.
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