Sunday, September 22, 2013

MORE Petition Calling for Moratorium on Evaluations

Reality-Based Educator reminded us to sign the MORE petition. We some great discussions at Saturday's MORE meeting and the work of the organization around this issue has been intense and effective. Keep the ball rolling. Here's the link to sign. Will it do any good? Well, if MORE can show thousands of signatures that will send a message to UFT leaders. It will make them talk a better game while most likely doing the same thing because they have nothing left in the tank to do anything different.

A Reminder About The MORE Petition On Teacher Evaluations

While Michael Mulgrew sends out emails to members defending the ADVANCE teacher evaluation system (see here and here), the MORE caucus has put together a petition calling for a moratorium on the New York City Teacher Evaluation System.

If you haven't signed it yet, do so now.
Read RBE's full post where he has a few choice words about Mulgrew.

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