Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Can UFT Close Achievment Gap Betweem Thompson and di Blasio?

14% pts bigger gap than Weiner had in 05-dropped out for unity. Thompson should DOASWEINERDID.

But the elites, including the UFT, fearing di Blasio won't let him do it. They want to squeeze very ounce out of this race.

So if we don't see 40% watch them all jump on board for Thompson. Bloomberg (behind the scenes) etc plus the UFT.

So tell me my friends, which side are they on?

Here is a comment on my previous post by Ira Goldfine:

Ira Goldfine has left a new comment on your post "Once Again Randi and Mulgrew May Give Us a Bloombe...":

Its amazing that I have yet to see one article in the NY Times pointing out that Meryl Tisch was the chair of Thompson's campaign while her husband James was finance chair of the Lhota campaign. Need more be said.

Remember that Lhota will not agree to public financing of his campaign which means he will have no limit on his fund raising abilities while Di Blasio being the good liberal will surely stay inside the limits of public financing. So those that think Thompson was the only weak candidate I believe Di Blasio will be torn to shreds as a "leftist" and weak on crime by the "elite" as the NY Times called them this morning. They will spend unlimited amounts of money to get the white working class along with many of the private industry unions to go with Lhota. This has been the scenario for Giuliani and Bloomberg and it will be repeated again.
 And the UFT and Randi (see her insipid grin last night on the stage with Thompson) will be right there with the ed deformers.

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