Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ravitch "Reign of Error" Reviews - A running account

9/21  Update - More will be added as they come in or people notify me.

My review's been up for a couple of days on K12 News Network:

Open Letter to President Obama -- The One Book You Should Read on Public Education: Reign of Error, by Diane Ravitch

I added a widget at the bottom if you want to to put a link to your review on mine. The idea is that a reader reading my post would then see all of yours and be able to click over directly. (It's an old "mom blogger" trick to boost traffic to the blog carnival -- the link widget is similar to a slightly more organized comments section specifically devoted to highlighting related review posts.)
Here's the code if you want to add it to your post -- I'll jump over and add a link to mine from yours. Just let me know if you added the link widget to your post."

My review is also on MomsRising. Might be up on a couple different places in a bit.

Cynthia Liu

Exciting news from Pittsburgh

One thousand attend -- Diane Ravitch Launched in Pittsburgh, Yinzer-Style...

More reviews since the Tuesday 5PM list was posted:

Deborah Meier Reviews “Reign of Error”

Nancy Flanagan:

Leonie Haimson:
Reign of Error: why you must read this book and share it with family and friends!

10 quotes from the new diane Ravitch book that are backed up by facts -

Diane Ravitch and the Corporate Reign of Error - I've been teaching for almost thirty years, and I don't know precisely when my colleagues and I became public enemy number one. But after reading *Reign ... 

Chaz's School Daze

Paul Thomas Reviews “Reign of Error”

Here is a list of reviews of the just published Ravitch book as of 5PM on Sept. 17.

Later tonight is the webinar with Diane. With so many bloggers signed up I am going to head down to webinar HQ to get some footage of Diane for what might turn out to be a short video of her book tour I am organizing.

Sam Chaltain:
Kenneth Bernstein:
Andrew Cody:
Mercedes Schneider:
Jan Ressenger: http://janresseger.wordpress.c...
David Cohen: http://accomplishedcaliforniat...
Paul Thomas: http://radicalscholarship.word...
Ralph Ratto:
Dora Taylor http://seattleducation2010.wor...
Gary Rubenstein: http://garyrubinstein.teachfor...
Chris Goering:
Nicholas Tampio:
Peg with a Pen:
Darcie Cimarusti:
Peter Dewitt:
Teacher Tom: http://teachertomsblog.blogspo...
Guy Brandenburg: http://gfbrandenburg.wordpress...
Guy Brandenburg #2: http://gfbrandenburg.wordpress...
Jennifer Berkshire:
Deborah Meier:
Steve Strieker: http://oneteachersperspective....
Ken Previti:
Perdido Street School: http://perdidostreetschool.blo...
Norm Scott: http://ednotesonline.blogspot....
Accountable Talk:
Kids in the system (David Chura): http://kidsinthesystem.wordpre...
Wendy Lecker (Via Wait, What?):
Jeff Bryant: http://educationopportunitynet...
Louisiana Educator (Michael Deshotels): http://louisianaeducator.blogs...
David Cohen: http://accomplishedcaliforniat...
And Jersey Jazzman got the coveted spot on the front page of the NEA’s newsletter that was sent out just moments ago:

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