Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Leticia James in Strong Showing But Faces a Runoff, Stringer a Winner

My wife just asked me who she voted for for Public Advocate based on my recommendation and when I said Leticia James, she said, "Who's she?"

Right now James and Squadron are neck and neck at around 33% but with 4 candidates neither will get 40% and there will be a runoff. James has real potential as someone with a future. If you haven't seen her speech challenging ed deform at a PEP, check it out.

Squadron, as one of our parent activists reported is pretty bad:
  • Schumer boy
  • Madoff money won and lost
  • Married to a Bloomberg gov administrator
  • Takes charter $$
  • DFER$$
  • Tisch $$
  • etc.
I didn't expect James to run even with Squadron given her lack of recognition and his resources and hand it took Reality Based Educator's astute political analysis in pointing out she had a good chance to win:
I disagree that she is a long shot. She has many of the unions, which matters in a down ballot race like this. She has the most name recognition of all the candidates as well (although it's still pretty low.) Money is a problem, but the union endorsements counter that a bit. Things still have to go right for her, but she has a real chance to be public advocate.
 Let's hope this holds true in the runoff.

 As for Stringer, his appointment of Patrick Sullivan to the PEP got my vote.

And Yippee - Charles Hynes lost for Brooklyn DA - I almost moved back to Brooklyn to vote against that criminal.

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