Saturday, September 7, 2013

Noah Gotbaum Running for City Council

Norm --

In 4 DAYS, the UWS will have a new council member! (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHERE YOU VOTE SEPTEMBER 10TH!)

We all want Noah to win. That means SPREADING THE WORD!

Can you forward this email to 5 PEOPLE you know that live on the Upper West Side? It only takes a second and it goes a LONG way!

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Noah Gotbaum is an Independent Democrat Running for City Council on the Upper West Side. He's the only public school parent running for this seat. Here's a few things he's done:
  • Noah led the successful fight against the demolition of PS 199 and PS 191, which developers wanted to replace with luxury high rises (article HERE)
  • Noah tackled public school overcrowding by leading the community to force the Department of Education to establish PS 452 and build the new school at Riverside Center
  • Noah fought successfully to block a contract renewal for a dangerous shelter on West 95th Street that was not only failing to provide promised services, but was pushing out existing low-income tenants 
Read more about Noah!

Noah needs your vote to keep fighting for this community. Please elect Noah Gotbaum to the City Council on September 10th.


See you at the polls!!

- Team Gotbaum
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  1. My school -- the place where Moskowitz first began to metastasize and home of HSA 1 -- has had no better and more loyal friend than Noah Gotbaum. I urge all who can to vote for this good man and get a person of character into City Council.

    Patrick Walsh, UFT Chapter Leader, PS/MS 149, Harlem.


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