Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuesday: Ravitch Book Publication Date and Video of Ravitch at Judson Church

I am rushing to finish the book for my review. It is so packed with info I have to keep going back to reread in order for my weak brain cells to absorb it all.

I know there are so many talented bloggers out there I can't imagine being able to say much more than they will. Bloggers with advanced copies will start reviewing tomorrow when the book is officially published.

Here is video I shot of Diane at Judson Memorial Church on Sept. 11, 2013. The speaker system echo doesn't make it easy to hear everything.

Salon has published a major expert of Reign of Error.

The New York Post wrote one of their typical hatchet jobs against Diane and the book  - and Perdido Street School blog quickly responded with a great post which can be found here:

Note this funny contradiction in Kyle Smith's hack work. After attacking the shit out of teacher unions Smith says:
Here’s a reform agenda: Stanford economist Eric Hanushek has calculated that if we could raise our overall education standard to that of Canada (a pretty high bar — Canada ranks just below Massachusetts, which is the No. 1 US state in education performance), that one factor would increase the pay of US workers by 20 percent (in inflation-adjusted dollars) over the next 80 years.
But he forgets to mention that Canada and Massachusetts are amongst the most highly unionized education systems. DUHHHHH!

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