Tuesday, September 10, 2013

De Blasio at 40.02% With 95% Precincts Reporting

I have an entire post ready to go talking about a Big Bill, Little Bill runoff. Thompson is about 26%, just a point or two off my prediction earlier in the day. I am surprised deB has held up at around 40%. I was expecting some blow-back to drive him down to about 36%.

What a difference a few votes will make. My Sal Albanese vote may be the difference. My Rockaway loyalty drove me there, as Sal came often and deB never did.

I have mixed feelings about a runoff. As a political junkie, how much fun would that run-off be?

If Big Bill holds on, wither the UFT? If I were the leadership I would call an immediate meeting to endorse him. And they probably will -- will Randi take back her attacks on him?

But it is really going to be a close call.

Thompson at the podium now as they shout "3 more weeks." I see Randi. Where's Mulgrew?

Funny, he just said that on the 3rd Bloomberg term, some people said nothing can be done about it. Isn't he talking about the UFT?

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  1. If I was a NYC resident, I would have voted for Albanese too..I am glad I am not the one of the few supporters of Albanese.


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