Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yet Another Charter Scandal

Yummy. I love charter school scandals.

Click here: Bronx charter school named in whistleblower suit - NY Daily News

Bronx charter school named in whistleblower suit

Alexis Riley, formerly a project manager at South Bronx Classical Charter, said she was fired for reporting financial and academic improprieties.

The ex-project manager of a Bronx charter school has filed a $1 million lawsuit alleging she was fired in retaliation for reporting financial and academic improprieties.
Alexis Riley claims she was terminated from her $65,000-a-year job at South Bronx Classical Charter School in June shortly after notifying a supervisor that the Department of Education had been fraudulently billed for special education students who were no longer enrolled there.
Riley’s supervisor acknowledged the problem but warned her “it wasn’t worth the battle,” according to the complaint filed last week in Brooklyn Supreme Court.
Riley, who has a law degree from New York Law School, also claims she uncovered plagiarized tests and the withholding of food to punish students.

Riley alleges in the suit that when she brought the fraudulent invoices to the attention of the school’s executive director, Lester Long, he responded dismissively, “Oh, can they really be that off?”
The final beef with school administrators came after Riley was admonished for wearing flip-flops to work because she had a dislocated bone in her foot.
A message left at the school was not returned.

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