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Amplify Cuts and Cerf Replacing Anderson: Full-Blown Joel Klein Failures added to Cami Anderson and Chris Cerf Disasters

Feb 14, 2014
Chris Cerf jumps around more than a bedbug. Now he is leaving as NJ State Ed Commissioner. And everywhere he goes he leaves scandalous doo-doo in his wake. After a tenure working for fellow crook Chris Christie, Cerf ...
Feb 09, 2007
Hopefully this is just temporary as Braun says – and that their elected school board will have a voice in the permanent replacement.  Anderson, who was elevated and trained under Klein and Cerf, has been a complete disaster by every possible measure.... Leonie Haimson
Hey, Cerf's gig at Amplify is up - even Murdoch found out what clowns he hired. Follow the bouncing ball. Anderson worked under Klein and Cerf, Klein runs Amplify into the ground, despite the enormous advantage of having an edge on contracts - even that doesn't help a bad product.

Key Amplify Execs Leave as News Corp. Cuts Staff

You might get a kick out of this:

How CEO Joel Klein Hopes to Save Amplify: EdSurge Podcast, Week of Apr 27-May 1

 Maybe hire Diana Lam to run it.

Leg work for the Cerf info was done by Newark Ed Notes Stringer Abbey Shure- who also send this link.

And here's an Ed Notes report from Dec. 2010

Coming Soon From Chris Cerf: I'm Not a Crook

Gov. Chris Christie to nominate ex-N.Y. schools official for N.J. education commissioner Susan Ohanian Comment: 
Just to keep in perspective what education "reform" means to these fellows--and to the media, Christopher Cerf, former President of Edison, the commercial outfit that has stirred up bitter controversy in 25 states, was hired in 2006 by Chancellor Klein, former Counsel to Bertelsmann, a transnational media corporation, and United States Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Education reform, anyone?

Christoper Cerf revealed that he's a fellow who has no regrets and never even says he's sorry--not even when he's caught violating ethics statutes.

Christopher Cerf was in charge of the project to measure teachers by student test scores.

Oh, and don't forget: Christopher Cerf graduated from the Broad Urban Superintendents Academy in 2004.

NOTE: It's the other Christopher Cerf, the composer of "Put Down the Duckie" for Sesame Street, who has been hired to write a "Blast Away Phuzzy Phonics" theme song for the Broad/Microsoft/Pentagon/McGraw-Hill kindergarten war games product.

Here is New York City Public School Parents on the Cerf Investigation Report. 
I had my own moment with Cerf when he appeared at a Manhattan Institute luncheon and made the ridiculous comment that if we swapped the teaching staffs of a "successful" and a "failing" school we would see a big surge in the failing school and a drop in the successful school. I told him I would bet my pension against any stock options he owned that will enable him to enrich himself on the backs of poor children that there would be no impact - "try it in 10 schools to test your theory" I said. Even he looked sheepish at the bullshit he knew he was throwing around.
More reading on the new Newark Supt.

Dec 05, 2008
Mr. Cerf's relationship with the company, now called EdisonLearning, first made headlines in February 2007, when he assured a citywide parents' group that he had “zero” financial interest in Edison. He later acknowledged ...
Feb 09, 2007
In a photo I took at the press conference, it appears as if Christopher Cerf, one of Klein's newest appointees, might have been napping, or as the caption says on my blog, “Christopher Cerf dreams of ways to turn the NYC ...
Feb 07, 2007
Note: Cerf will be holding a talent search, tap dancing included. Isn't amazing that they all need a chief of staff. Anyone been near a classroom? From: Cerf Chris Sent: Mon 1/29/07 5:53 PM To: &All Central HQ Subject: ...
May 25, 2009
The book has a brief section on New York City, drawn, a footnote tells us, from the public record and an interview with Deputy Chancellor Chris Cerf. Here's what Moe and Chubb write: “The district aims to use the [value-added ...

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