Wednesday, June 24, 2015

64 Teachers at PS8X Sign Open Letter to Mulgrew Protesting Attacks on Opposing Views in Unity Flier

Note how the Unity fliers only attack MORE, which the view as the only serious opposition. Internal comments from Unity people affirm how happy they are with the faux oppositionists because they feel it undercuts the real threat, MORE.

This was posted on the MORE blog earlier today as PS 8X continues to make waves, as I reported yesterday, Can Mulgrew Put Out the Fire at PS 8x?
A flier attacking UFT members that are not in President Mulgrew’s Unity Caucus was distributed at the June UFT Delegate Assembly. This is a response by the members of P.S. 8 in the Bronx.

Dear Mr. Mulgrew and His Unity Caucus:

We the undersigned read your Unity flyer that was distributed at the UFT Delegate Assembly. We take the insults contained therein as further evidence of the disconnect that exists between working teachers on the frontlines of classrooms and UFT Leadership.

You claim that those of us who are dissatisfied with our union’s representation are “detractors” categorized as either “alarmists,” “oppositional” or “Monday morning quarterbacks.” You toss in a French phrase and a George Orwell quote as if they demonstrate deep intellect that somehow lends credence to your insult—as if George Orwell wrote to warn about the rebels in society instead of those in power desperate to take any measure to retain that power. If you’re going to quote Orwell, the following Orwell quote best represents the Unity Caucus, “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power.”

To claim that we “never have led the fight against our enemies” is an inaccurate and disingenuous claim. Firstly, we are not in positions of leadership. More importantly we HAVE fought and ARE fighting our enemies in ways that UFT-leadership refuses to do such as writing our elected officials and challenging the absurd notion of tying our evaluations to test scores, challenging the reasonableness of the Danielson Framework which was never meant to be used as an evaluative tool, being actively engaged in the opt-out movement in our home communities, and rejecting the AFT endorsement of Hochul because we recognized that an endorsement of her was also a back-alley endorsement of Cuomo. We would also argue that challenging the Unity-controlled UFT that continues to disenfranchise working teachers is fighting the good fight.

Your claim that you know “better than anyone” because you “have been fighting these bad guys for over sixty years” is also inaccurate. You may not have noticed, but we most certainly have noticed, that for the past twenty plus years all you have been doing is ducking and weaving in the form of appeasement and as a result we, the working teachers, have been getting our derrières kicked while you remain in your ivory tower safe from all that we have been subjected to.

Contrary to the Japanese proverb you quoted, we definitely have a vision and we are taking action to see it materialize. We want a union run by those who have felt the pain of the unreasonable NYS teacher evaluation system and are committed to dismantling it and building a reasonable system in its place (and the MATRIX is not it). We want a union leadership that cries “foul” instead of “victory” when we have, in fact, been fouled.

(64) PS 8 UFT Members
Go to MORE blog for list of names.

And by the way -- I hear a lot of people saying how they have to remain anonymous due to fear. So how about those 64 PS 8 UFT members?

Here is the snide Unity flier regarding MORE - which apparently they view as the only serious opposition --- no matter what hype you hear coming from other places.


  1. I am sending my kudos to all the brave uft members at PS 8. They are showing the rank-and-file that it is time to stand up to the leadership that are not fighting for the members but desperately holding on to their union position of double-pension. So it's time to have a union that is truly a union for the members, for the rank-and-file, for fighting for our profession. I stand and applaud all those members at PS 8.

  2. Although I appreciate Norm’s kind words, I've said it before----PS 8 is comprised of INDIVIDUALS who think for themselves. I didn't convince anyone Mulgrew et al is doing a poor job....Mulgrew and Unity's contract betrayal created the outrage and their silence on test scores tied to evals solidified the outrage. All I did was harness some of the outrage and explain how Unity controls the 3 unions we are affiliated with, and if members want change they need to change that fact. We are far from a school of militants----but we are a staff that is absolutely disgusted with our union. As far as fear and anonymity goes----fear what, exactly? Fear that the UFT won’t support us when we need it? They don’t anyway. Fear of Punchy Mike knocking us in the dirt? To those who feel fear, I’d like to remind them that courage is the thing you gain when you do the things you are afraid to do. Unity can be beat. It may not happen right away but it CAN happen. It will happen when the majority of teachers realize they don’t have to settle for poor leadership and they organize, support MORE and get out the vote. Unity is a privileged, arrogant Beast too far removed from what plagues the average working teacher to effect the change we need. Roseanne McCosh PS 8x


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