Monday, June 15, 2015

Leadership Academy Basic Training for Principals: Target Chapter Leaders

Our new principal likes to play games and commit obvious contract violations. It seems the strategy is to wear out the chapter leader. Our principal had an SBO vote on her own, she took away my union time when I was entitled to it (I got it back but only after considerable stress) she tried to remove me as chapter leader and appoint the delegate (again I had to pitch a fit). I've heard of a few others emerge with this kind of behavior.

Take it to your district rep meetings talk to the other chapter leaders to demand they do something about this kind of behavior. It's harassment.
--- report from a chapter leader

I've heard plenty of reports of retaliation from principals when someone they don't like is the CL. When I got elected my principal threw a fit that lasted for months - she tried to get a new election and when rebuffed she punished the entire staff in various ways that actually disrupted the school.

This year there are lots of reports of principals running their own candidates for chapter leader. I think that from the very beginning of the Leadership Academy, principals were given training in how to control the union in the school. Can someone tell me what kind of training the UFT gives the CLs to combat these tactics - and don't tell me it's all about filing a grievance. It is a political battle that must be fought on all levels.

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