Saturday, June 20, 2015

Is Chris Cerf Replacing Cami in Newark? Why Can't this guy hold a job?

Cerf jumps around like a Mexican jelly bean, proving his incompetence and dishonesty wherever he treads.

Bob Braun's Ledger
BREAKING: Sources at the top levels of the Newark school district are reporting that Cami Anderson has resigned as state-appointed superintendent in Newark and has been replaced by the man who originally hired her, Christopher Cerf, the former state education commissioner. Cerf will be hired on an interim basis, the sources report. Cerf was commissioner when Anderson was hired in April, 2011. He resigned in 2014 to become CEO of Amplify Insight, a Rupert Murdoch company headed by former New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. Keeps it all in the family. More later.


  1. Is the fox guarding the hen house?
    When Cerf stepped down as Commisioner of Education in February 2014, to take the position of Amplify CEO, school districts in New Jersey including Newark had contracts with Amplify. Cerf is now in line to temporarily fill the position of state Superintendent of Newark Public Schools as reported by Bob Braun. Newark currently has contracts with Amplify. Is there potential for conflicts of interest? Chris Christie is to be congratulated on his charm offensive for Newark in the run up to his presidential announcement.

    Abigail Shure

  2. He's going to...

    "Tell the teacher we're Cerfin'.
    Cerfin' USA."


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