Sunday, June 7, 2015

I’m a Rhinestone (Little Old Jewish Guy) Cowboy - The Wave

Busy weekend - Sat, June 6 - the invasion of Norman - was our 44th anniversary - and we celebrated with a nice dinner in NOLO on 4th St.

In my Wave article below I describe the costume I wear in the Rockaway Theatre's upcoming "Guys and Dolls" as a rich Texan visiting New York in the opening.

Then I switch to a gangster/crap shooter.
Friday night - rehearsal from 7:30-10:30
The Guys - from the movie version
Sat - 12:30 - 4
Sunday - 11-12 and 2-4.

And trying on a costume for the gangster - I found an oversize green suit to wear - double breasted.

And I have a small part as a crap shooter - not my real life role as a bullshitter.

I just keep heading to the snacks in the back at every break. At this rate I won't fit into that over sized double breasted.

I’m a Rhinestone (Little Old Jewish Guy) Cowboy

Memo from the RTC
I’ve got a no-line, 30-second role in the upcoming Guys and Dolls production by the Rockaway Theatre Company. I’m playing a Texas millionaire tourist visiting New York with his wife.

As I pinball around the stage in the early rehearsals, trying to chase down a 20-something who picked my pocket, I received my acting marching orders from Producer Susan Jasper.

“Norm. You are a macho Texan man, not a little old Jewish guy kvetching around the stage,” she said.
But Susan, I am a little old Jewish guy kvetching around the stage. Isn’t method acting allowed? Guess not.
Costumiers Kerry and Susan Corning have got me duded up in 10- gallon hat, cowboy boots and a suit studded with rhinestones. When they had me try on the suit, I found mints I apparently had left in the pockets when I wore the same suit in last year’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, where I played an old kvetchy Jewish corporate executive schlepping around the stage.

I can play that in my sleep – and often do.

I’m also playing one of the guys – not dolls – Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover has not inspired me yet, though you never know. I have to find a suit for that part. There are so many guys in the show all the suits with stripes are disappearing. I may have to get out the magic marker.

I have only been at some of the rehearsals, but from what I’ve seen so far, the RTC may have even topped itself in pulling from its immense talent pool. So much talent that many key roles have been double cast. So plan on coming down, maybe more than once. The set has been built by Tony’s construction crew and painting the set, led by Danielle Rose Fisher, will take place on the weekend of June 13-14. I’ll write more about the amazing cast in the weeks ahead as we head into the June 27 opening weekend. The cast will have the July 4th weekend off and will be back the following two weekends. Wait to order your tickets at your own peril as this show will be rock solid sold out at all 10 performances. 718-374-6400, on the web:

In other RTC news, director Susan Corning held auditions for Little Shop of Horrors opening in August. When will they put Audrey on the cover of Vanity Fair? 

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