Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Principal Asks a Question About E4E on CTS Listserve - and Gets Answers

Has anyone worked with E4E (Educators for Excellence)? They seem to be influential at the policy level. .. a NYC Principal
The positions of E4E and the Unity/UFT leadership are very much in alignment. We've tracked E4E since its beginnings. Backed by Bill Gates and the deformers and also very heavily connected to TFA, it was founded by TFA teachers who taught for 3 years before starting a heavily funded faux teacher group with outposts in NYC, LA and Minnesota and possibly Chicago - basically pushing the agenda of deform but in more subtle ways -- their connections to the deformers is what has given them access to policy - they have full-time employees trying to reach into the schools and undermine the union.... Norm

Yeah Norm I got that vibe from them as well. Anyone else have thoughts?..... NYC Principal

Here is E4E's stance on high stakes testing. You see they go right along with the deformers....

A former neighbor became a spokesperson for E4E. He's young, grew up being homeless, and was huge on attempting to prove that poverty and life conditions are not factors in one's education- that a really good teacher could overcome all of that. Well, two years into his first years of teaching at a charter school in my Bed Stuy hood, he started asking questions about what happens at my school. We never got a chance to really talk before he left, but he left teaching. Such a shame...
In a nut shell, they're mostly straight out of college, recruited through TFA, and and I know that with the TFA program dwindling, they attempt to present in schools, which is illegal. 

One former E4E person told me that, at first, they were encouraged to do research, but their program director would provide the research (pre-selected) for them to read... When they wanted to find their own studies, it was not included in their discussions. Gates funded studies dominated the discussions.

I haven't worked with E4E but have worked against them particularly when they partnered with Bloomberg's effort to overturn last in first out.  They are an ed deformer 'macmovement' "influential" in policy making to the extent that they can buy favors  and fool teachers into believing that they don't need a union. Even with the misleadership of the UFT weighing on our backs, I don't think many teachers have drank the kool aide that E4E serves up.... Sean

Recently the UFT, in its spirit of keeping ties to ed deformers,  had looked to collaborate and partner up with E4E -- giving them legitimacy -- they look to get a foot in the door of some schools and are now urging their people to run for chapter leader and delegate positions.
I wonder if Bill Gates is paying for this collaboration. In essence, the positions of E4E and the Unity/UFT leadership are very much in alignment.
Former E4Eers have told us about their culture of control where people are manipulated. They offered expensive gifts at raffles at the door.
They have a security system where they check on people to make sure their meetings are not infiltrated. I used to go and stand outside and give out lit -- now they seem to hide their meetings and keep them limited.... Norm

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