Monday, June 22, 2015

Principal Union Insists on Awful Principal Return, We Expect No Less from the UFT (Just joking)

The principals union insisted that Hawkins be returned, a demand the DOE did not fight, sources said.... NY Post, Principal who mishandled child abuse claim returns to school.

Greta Hawkins, Principal of PS 90. Allegations: threatening to report the parents of misbehaving students to the Administration for Children's Services; ...Don't Tread on Educators
Tell me the last time you heard the UFT insisting a railroaded teacher be returned to the classroom. Either the union has just given up, knowing full well the DOE will fight it even if the incident is trivial. Now we know that principal Hawkins has also been a tyrant to teachers, yet has the UFT intervene and protest the kowtowing to the CSA?

Note this story on the UFT web site from 2012:

Brooklyn principal a 'bully' | United Federation of Teachers

That was due to the work of District Rep Judy Gerowitz, one of the few DRs whom I would vote for. But she is only middle management. › ... › News stories
United Federation of Teachers
Mar 8, 2012 - UFT District 21 Representative Judy Gerowitz (left) and Chapter Leader Vicky Giasemis outside PS 90, where Principal Greta Hawkins has ...

UFT leaders and the bosses at the principal union, the CSA, are old pals.

The UFT should lodge its own protest over the double standard.
Don't hold your breath. But you never know.

Some links to Hawkins stories.
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    Jun 15, 2012 - Greta Hawkins, principal of a Brooklyn elementary school, has been excoriated over replacing Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." in an ...
  3. Greta Hawkins, PS 90K - Don't Tread on Educators
  4. Greta Hawkins, Principal of PS 90. Allegations: threatening to report the parents of misbehaving students to the Administration for Children's Services; ...


  1. If you read the link it states that the cops found that the child fabricated the claim. While there are many many issues here the UFT has fought hard, and won them. The reason the Principal was suspended was because of a false claim. If one of our members received a false claim against them and the charges were dismissed they too would be put back, and the UFT would fight to get them the back pay they deserve. The story in the post does not give all the facts, just a sensational view of what is going on behind the scenes.
    This Blog post does not separate the issues properly. The issues of Union Animus, and harassment of the Chapter Leader are separate from what the principal was suspended for and should be viewed as such.

  2. The UFT chapter leader who was constantly harassed by her Principal won a major arbitration case against her. The Principal could no longer harass, intimidate, or insinuate vial actions towards this UFT representative. Every negative observation, ineffective rating, and disciplinary letters had to be changed or removed from her file. The Principal can no longer rate or observe this teacher/Chapter leader, for it must be done by the Superintendent or his/her designee. Furthermore, the Principal has been told "Do not bully this pedagogue" because there will be dire consequences. That said, it was our UNION that fought every step of the way to expose and stop this horrible Principal from continuing on a path of animus. The courage of this Chapter Leader needs to be applauded, and the skill and knowledge of the UFT needs to be recognized. Thank you, Dr. John Marvul.

  3. When was the last time the UFT intervened on behalf of its members? All the time. The UFT has supported and protected this Chapter Leader, just as it does all its Chapter Leaders, and likewise does not allow abusive principals to harass good teachers. The Union has just won a huge grievance victory against this principal, which will have positive effects for the Chapter Leader and other staff in the school as well as send a powerful message to keep this bully principal in check to protect students. The UFT has neither permitted this principal to continue her destructive behavior nor acquiesced to CSA.


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