Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reorganization Grievances: Form MORE Chapter Leader listserve

A MORE CL sent an email about programs and reorg grievances to the list for people new to the process and looking for a template...
Once you have "tentative" programs, many staff members will have concerns or questions.  Here's a couple of points-

1- you have 48 hours to grieve your program.

2- I can't address any issue without documentation.  If you want to raise an issue about your program, please bring me a copy of it along with a copy of your preference sheet.  If you did not retain a copy, ask admin for one before coming to me.  It will make it easier and faster to address the issue.

3-contractual rules governing programming are complicated and consider things like preference, rotation, seniority, and there's lots of vague language that gives admin some leeway in programming and considering preferences.  We will look at the contract language together and determine if an issue can and should be grieved.

4- the 48 hour window to grieve a program (a "reorganization grievance") re-opens when you get your final program in September.  These grievances are expedited so they can be resolved more quickly.

5- based on past experience, bringing solutions to programming problems is more likely to solve the problem than grieving it.  In the past we have put our heads together with others in our departments and worked together to renegotiate programs with administration to lighten the load on some teachers.  Before doing anything else, I suggest checking in with others in your department and comparing programs.  Maybe solutions can be worked out.

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  1. This is good.

    Most CL'S dont tell staff to grieve or even how


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