Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Elementary School CL Wants MORE

Message to MORE: please get in touch with me as soon as possible. My goal is that before the next election my school and hopefully many others will be ready to vote the Unity party the hell out. I am sure that I can my school to do so.  I would like to figure out how to make a public splash about it just as the next school year begins. Like a MORE membership drive at my school that more can "cover" -- maybe publish a letter from the staff on the site?... elementary school Chapter Leader
More schools are signing up for MORE. Have people had enough of Unity/Mulgrew leadership? I'm a cynic. It will take hundreds of schools to make a dent in Unity. But you never know.

I used to look at individuals joining the opposition as important but I have come to see that unless people who are opposed to Unity do some major organizing in their own schools - and beyond, Unity will continue to dominate.

This is a long haul slog --- there are 1800 schools. That benefits both the DOE and the Unity leadership -- they both have access to all of them and grassroots groups like MORE and Change the Stakes doesn't. Unless people like the Chapter Leader above work to get their colleagues involved, things will remain status quo.

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  1. The caucus that founded and built the UFT is not the enemy. Neither is any other caucus. Let's keep in mind that the UFT is the largest local of the last strong public employee union in the country. If we find ourselves fighting one another more than we fight our real enemies - the hedge funders and the politicians who are beholden to them - then the labor movement in America is sunk.


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