Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Can Mulgrew Put Out the Fire at PS 8x?

Roseanne McCosh a dangerous threat to Unity Caucus - and they know it. If the fire spreads to other schools (MORE has been contacted by others) Mulgrew will need more than a fire extinguisher.

I imagine my Unity trolls who seem obsessed with MORE will not be happy - and make sure to check out the MORE blog tomorrow for a follow-up letter to Mulgrew from over 60 people at PS 8.
Hello Norm and Mike,

PS 8 has evidently made enough noise....our UFT district rep called our chapter leader and told her that Mulgrew wants to visit our school. I networked a bit to get a feel for staff thinking----8 or 9 people I spoke to said that whatever he says----they ain't buying his bullshit. I''ll let you know when a date/time is scheduled. If there are retired members of MORE who want to come to PS 8 on that day, I am extending an open invitation. 

I'm not sure what Mulgrew thinks he can accomplish. I will have your MORE leaflet ready to distribute prior to his arrival. If there are any questions you'd like us to pose, let me know. Also if there are any particular Unity talking points I should prepare to rebut, let me know that as well. I'll keep you posted.
Oh, give us a Roseanne McCosh (a former Unity Caucus chapter chair) at every school and Unity would be cooked.

Roseanne is a frequent commenter on Ed Notes - and she gets to the heart of the matter. Mike Schirtzer refers to her as the "voice of the classroom Sixty One Members (and counting) from PS 8X join Stronger Together Caucus).
teacher." Roseanne recently was able to get over 60 people to join Stronger Together Caucus. (

I usually don't go to the Bronx, other than Yankee games. But I think I may go up there in the fall - if  I'm in town (big trip to Japan planned) - just to observe. I think Mulgrew has ability when it comes to putting out fires by turning on a charm offensive -- and I have seen it work. But I do want to see the show if I can. (Personally, given my very limited contact with Mulgrew, I don't find as offensive as others do.) His problem is if he has to race around the city putting out hundreds of fires. A fire in a few schools, yes, but a conflagration, not so easy.

Unity has the ability, through its district and borough reps to control most of the schools and through them the membership. That is why they are trying to steal recent union elections lost by Unity people (more than they will let on - I will do a story on how the borough offices are willing to hold re-elections when a Unity loser contests.)

Thanks Roseanne for the amazing work you do.

Here are a few more links to Roseanne, who has smashed New Action and its promoters.

Sep 22, 2014
Roseanne basically defines the divide in MORE- those who aim for a center/left caucus that appeals to people like Roseanne AND social justice people who won't put MORE in an ideological straight jacket. I am as social ...
May 22, 2014
PS 8 is comprised of individuals who THINK and vote accordingly....and some of us may very well vote yes....but those of us voting NO have our reasons and our minds will not be changed by spin. Roseanne McCosh PS 8.
May 07, 2014
Roseanne has been in touch for a number of years - she follows issues very closely and shares them with her staff at PS 8 in the Bronx. She was chapter leader for a number of years before passing it on to the next gen.
May 24, 2014
Roseanne addresses the comments made by Unity Caucus supporter Paula Washington on May 23rd (UFT Contract: Roseanne McCosh, PS 8X, Urges Colleagues to Vote NO). There were other head-scratching comments ...

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