Friday, June 12, 2015

TODAY: MORE Party Plus MORE No Confidence Reso on New State Ed Comm Rejected by Unity Dominated DA

MORE's End Of Year Party!
Today at 5:00pm
O'Reilly's, 21 W35th Street, Between 6th & 5th Avenues

Come on down and buy me a drink - urp! But not too many since I have to leave early and head to rehearsal for Guys and Dolls.

I don't have time now to get into an analysis of what happened at the DA over this reso. James Eterno talks about it on the ICE blog where he links to Arthur's comprehensive report on the DA at NYC Educator.


UFT Leadership Rejects “No Confidence” in Mary Ellen Elia - Jia Lee, Chapter Leader of The Earth School and a member of MORE, brought a MORE-sponsored resolution before the Delegate Assembly (DA) calling for a sta... 

But I will make this quick point. UFT High School VP embarrassed herself by first claiming that "we don't know about Elia" - let's give her a chance.
But ooops -- just 5 years ago at the AFT Bill Gates convention in Seattle, they all were falling all over themselves over the wonderful arrangement between the union and Elia's school district. She had to reverse course in mid-sentence by saying -- some of you do know about Hillsborough.

When I was giving out the reso at the DA the other day I got people's attention when I called Elia the "2nd coming of John King."

Remember how Mulgrew raved about Tisch and King? Our Unity friends have a quick way of unremembering - and when Elia goes after opt-outers next year watch them.

And I did notice that frequent Unity defender on this blog, Paula Washington, lost her election as chapter leader at LaGuardia HS -- and by a wide margin -- people there tell me a major reason was her defense of Unity, especially over last year's contract. 

I will try to get a blog up on the chapter elections and the scuttle butt that Unity CLs have been facing more challenges than ever before. 

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  1. I have decided to keep my colleagues at PS8 informed on an issue by issue basis. Yesterday I informed them of what went down at the DA and included this comment: Unity’s claim that “we don’t know who Elia is” is horse manure. Of course we know who she is. She whole heartedly believes teachers should be judged and paid by the results of student test scores. This is the agenda she pushed on Florida teachers. She wants our job security and pay raises based on test results and yet Unity won’t say a word against her. Then today I sent out another letter reminding them how Mulgrew/Unity claimed Bloomberg left the cupboards bare and inclluded MORE's 2014 response to bare cupbard claim as well as what was recently posted on the ICeuft blog about the 3 billion dollar NYC surplus. I encourage like minded individuals to do the same in their schools. We must counter Unity bullshit every time we smell it. Roseanne McCosh PS 8x


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