Saturday, October 27, 2007

From inside the Staten Island Rubber Room

David Harris, who fought to keep Canarsie open and was defended by the community for his good efforts as principal of Canarsie High School, is now the official "principal of the rubber room." We were told by the HR chief, Angela Santoro that he would be her "eyes and ears" and would watch for infractions that I guess I would have to infer the security guads weren't catching. Is this unreal? One, that they excessed this guy against community support and then they made him the policeman of the damned? - email from a SIRR resident.

Are RR denizens turning out to be the promised nightmare for both Tweed an
d 52 Broadway?

Ed Note:
With so many schools in dire shape, the RR needs a principal? And one who had a good rep with teachers, parents, and students? Oh, I get it. Maybe not the usua
l attack dog Tweed is looking for as their ideal. So dump him into the RR as a supervisor? We wrote about David Harris and how he was screwed at Canarsie HS back in June (search this blog for his name for the article.) Hopefully, that experience will give him a sympathetic outlook. Our correspondents will be tracking his behavior, if indeed this comes to pass, as the potential embarrassment to Tweed might lead to this being rescinded.


Anonymous said...

David Harris IS ALREADY in the room with us. He came Thursday and was introduced at the end of the day. He hasn't said A WORD to the teachers, etc. except when spoken to, but was seated by Angela Santoro at a table in the middle of the room from which he could see most of us. He may just be observing before he has something to say, etc.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's May 7, 2009...and David Harris is still here with us in the SI RR. We still need no supervision and have a supervisor who spends 95% of his time on his cell phone. It is also a well-known fact that he knows none of our names - as apposed to Ralph - who knows us all. Thanks for that. We refer to David as the "keeper of the books" - the sign in and out attendance books. LOL