Saturday, October 20, 2007

Enough With the Committees

From the Ed Notes mail bag

In the new reality, which brings fewer protections for my rights, the salary I earn is more important than my teaching abilities.

Lets form committees to investigate.

Through no fault of my own, I become a permanent substitute.
I occupy the nadir of esteem - by the union, tweed, principals, and yes, even students.

You tell me that I wont lose my job, but my self respect as an educator has been torn from me. My degrees and experience are irrelevant.

One shouldn't need to form a committee to know how repugnant this is.

The union says they will fight against involuntary transfers. It is a red line not to be crossed.

Yet the union itself suggests that maybe the ATR's should be used in hard to staff schools.
To me that sounds an awful lot like involuntary transfers.

I sit in a rubber room, and all you can do is form committees.

What is needed is action.
What is needed is courage.
What is needed is willpower from the leadership to restore our dignity.

Enough with the committees.

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