Tuesday, October 23, 2007


SPECIFICATION 6: Respondent's actions caused widespread negative publicity and notoriety to the High School of Fashion Industries and the New York City Department of Education in general when his unprofessional behavior was referenced in a UFT Newspaper.
Thus reports David Pakter on one of the charges against him by the DOE. David asks Randi Weingarten in an open letter (read it in full here at Norm's Notes.)

David asks:

Did you or I or any of the millions of other citizens of this great city ever think in our wildest imagination that a day would arrive when a former Federal Prosecutor, appointed by a NYC Mayor would, while in control of the largest school system in America, decide that the United States Constitution applied to everyone but him. But that stunning fact has now come to pass. For despite the fact that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution specifically guarantees freedom of speech and more important in this instance, freedom of the press, a decorated educator and loyal UFT member of 37 years is now being charged with the crime of having the long and ruthless vendetta perpetrated against him, reported in the UFT Newspaper, The New York Teacher.

Ed Notes will watch the response of the UFT, in an era of Tweed/UFT collaboration, on an issue that, if allowed to pass, will put any teacher who is quoted in the NY Teacher in jeopardy. Maybe a "Dear Joel" note to the chancellor?

NOTE: David sent me a note asking me to publish an open letter to me as he wanted to make it clear he received a lot of help and support from the UFT and Randi Weingarten. I did so at norms notes at this link.

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