Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Baltimore - More Alonso

DB has been tracking events in Baltimore where Klein Klone Andres Alonso seems to be meeting a bit of resistance from a union that did not think "it is all breathtakenly possible."*

DB comments: "The union has some balls in baltimore and so does the city council,"

What Alonso needs is a 30 person public relations team.

Baltimore Sun

Council eyes resolution to back teachers over impasse

October 16, 2007

A dispute between the Baltimore Teachers Union and the chief of the city school system spilled into the City Council last night with the introduction of a nonbinding resolution supporting the union in the impasse. Read more...

*Randi Weingarten's comment when BloomKlein announced Children First (read Last).


  1. Ok, so... where's your argument on how you made classroom teachers jobs and students classrooms a little bit better...

  2. Interesting what you point out (or leave out) in the your post:

    "Alonso argues that the cities having success with reforming low-performing schools, including New York and Boston, all require their teachers to plan their lessons together. The union counters that in New York -- and in all the surrounding Maryland school systems -- teachers have more planning time than teachers in Baltimore."


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