Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dispatch - The Movie

Some people at the Delegate Assembly, where I gave out the final monthly print edition of Education Notes, seemed worried. What would I do with with so much time on my hands? With robotics, movies and other projects, no problem.

I've been working for almost a year as a producer/editor/videographer on a film called "Dispatch" about a cab company in Rockaway. We are close to the final cut and we're planning test screenings on Nov. 3rd and 8th at Fort Tilden in Rockaway to gauge reactions to fine tune it. Email for details if interested.

The idea came from retired NYC teacher Bob Sarnoff, a man of many talents. This is his third film. Currently, a version of his "Irish Ropes" about a boxing club in Rockaway featuring middle weight John Duddy, which I also worked on, is playing on the MSG network.

My partner in NorMark productions is the very talented Mark Rosenhaft (optician and co-proprietor of Central Vision Care on Central Ave. in Cedarhurst - plug, plug, plug).

Working with such talented people (what do I do? - order the pizzas), I had a lot of fun and hope to do a lot more film work. Hmmm. Maybe a film about collaboration in education. Or how teachers will work their buns off for merit pay.

You can view the "Dispatch" trailer at

Poster by Mark Rosenhaft

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