Monday, October 1, 2007

Secretary Spellings Forced to Admit Lack of Qualifications for the Job

Thank goodness Susan Ohanian is back from vacation. She came up with this gem where a member of Congress who actually was a teacher and principal questions the education chief officer of the USA. Oy vey!

I got to see Spellings in person at the Manhattan Institute luncheon where there was an entire table of UFT suits (and suitesses) hobnobbing with the very people who are killing real education. See that post here. And Susan's satirical (and hysterical) post on Spellings' declaration of a non-testing day.

Ohanian Comment: Take a look at this short segment of Rep Mike Honda's questioning of Secretary Spellings on if and how she is highly qualified for her current position. It is refreshing to see a politico cut through her hot air snowballing and get right to the point.

— Congressman Mike Honda
House subcommittee hearing

And while you're at YouTube, take another look at these excellent videos:

Test the Kids

NCLB Truths and Consequences

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