Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What happened to the Age Discrimination lawsuit?

The UFT has been making the rounds of the Reassignment Centers.
UFT Rep Jeff Huart was asked this question:

What happened to the Age Discrimination lawsuit?

Jeff Huart: The UFT is going forward with the lawsuit. People who believe they qualify should get their information in to the union.
Question: But information is out there that the UFT is not going forward with it.
Huart: The UFT is going forward with that one and the one for the people in the Reassignment Centers.
Question: Do teachers know about the general age discrimination lawsuit. Many teachers claim never to have heard about it.
Huart: District reps went to all the schools to tell about it.

How many schools do District Reps reach a week? Might as well use a milk carton and string to deliver the message. Not in the NY Teacher. Not in the UFT Weekly Updates to chapter leaders. Not a flyer handed out at the Delegate Assembly, or even an announcement to have senior teachers contact the union. But whispers from District Reps (those that are competent or awake). That's showing you are serious about age discrimination.

Remember: watch what they do, not what they say!


Under Assault said...

And you can add to your list of inadequate reach-outs:
It's STILL there, that stupid "Denied a Transfer?" link in the right column of the UFT website.

Lemme see now: about 4 months ago I told them that the way they named that link wouldn't attract the attention of any of us who didn't even get a single interview in the first place, much less a denial.
Yet that's where "leadership" (I guess we have to put quotes around that word these days) told me to go and file my age/salary complaint. I said in so many words "Are you kidding?" and they said do it anyway -- even though I was never denied a transfer at all. Not even contacted.

What would it have hurt "leadership" to take a suggestion from one of us to make a thing work better and do it's job -- to pull in ALL OF US who were hurt by the new hiring system.

Maybe there's no logic or politics in this one.
Maybe they are just incompetent.
Or maybe just plain lazy.

Anonymous said...

no district rep ever came to my large, overcrowded queens high school with a teaching staff approaching 200.

just thought you would want to know.....

the uft proves that unions suck and are a waste of time and money. they do nothing but collect dues. they dont protect member and they only care about protecting the union bureaucracy.

ed notes online said...

To say that unions suck and a waste of time is part of the attitude that leaves an unresponsive union leadership in power. If you went back to the days before the union you would not be a happy camper. Unions have a very important purpose - unless you'd like to be working without any preps and at 2/3 the salary. And maybe not much healthcare either.

Anonymous said...

Besides the stupid "Denied a transfer" e-mail blowoff by the union, there was the When I had a situation and e mailed them, maybe they e mailed someone else, because I absolutely never heard a peep from them. They take my dues money and they run!! They're even more corrupt than KleinBloom et al!!!

Anonymous said...

I AGREE WITH THAT. They are a bunch of lazy and corrupt individals at the head of the UFT. They pretend to help you but they do not do anything.

Anonymous said...

Now Retired, I filled out a questionaire to attach my name to the "age discrimination case" which I found out about, only when I was sent to the Manhattan Reassignment Center by a senior teacher in the "rubber room." This was in February, 2006. Sometime, about a year later, while still no charges were given to me, I inquired to Jeff Huart, Randi Weingarten and anyone I could ask over at 52 Broadway as to what was happening with the UFT's 'alleged age harassment case.' I was told that no one knew anything about it. I even have an email from Ms. Weingarten telling me that they (the powers involved) will be in touch. Well, it is now, Nov.28, 2007, I have never been charged with anything and I am retired. I shall state, that as of this date, not a word has been mentioned on the age case. Time goes on, people move, children loose their favorite senior teachers and the uft does nothing to stop this. I am part of a suit that does not exist and there are acturally uft lawyers getting paid to pretend they are nvolved in a lawsuit. Nothing. Nada. The end. What I feel towards the union, the doe, the Klein and Bloomberg creation is something to akin of what a dog might excrete. And still, the children, oh the children loose, while the mayor and his minstrals create havoc, wreck a system that did work and make up numbers to suit themselves. False claims......I see no difference between the union leaders, the principals involved, the mayor and the chancellor. Ask Randi what has happened to this case. Ask her for the names on this case. Then get back to me via the Manhattan Rock and any teacher who has been there over one and a half years. Tell them to contact Max the cat's mom....Max with the laughing eyes who used to hang on the wall, who no longer teaches due to the dibilitation of the school system since Klein/Bloomberg came into power. Excuse me while I take a swim in the warm waters of Florida.

ed notes online said...

There was some stuff on the age discrimination suit but it was all smoke and mirrors by the UFT and not worth going into.
So - Enjoy that swim.