Friday, October 26, 2007

Eduwonkette on NYC Performance Pay Plan

"I see this as an individual plan with an additional step - first, the school must meet benchmarks, and second, teachers can be differentially rewarded. Unless the committee of four announces upfront that bonuses will be distributed equally (can someone weigh in here about whether a distribution plan will be ratified upfront?), teachers are going to operate under the assumption that there will be unequal shares based on their students' test scores. Even if we see equal bonuses this year, the door is wide open and I see Mike and Joel on the horizon in a performance pay Mack truck."

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Under Assault said...

Acute thinking.

And I said it before: a school's "success" does not depend solely on the work of UFT members. Only grades do.

I call those even-tempered big guys in the hallways the "gentle giants," the ones who manage the halls, know how to talk to kids even when they act up, and come to help you when you call security. It's with their help that I can do my job. If the halls are rough and chaotic, that behavior comes pouring into the classroom and a half a period is wasted settling the class down.

And how many times have crying, angry, or rude kids come into an office and an even-tempered aide (who's seen it all) says: "What's the matter, darling? Can I help you?" I've learned a lot from these people, too.

This merit pay plan STINKS, and it disgusts me that the "leadership" is enhancing its national reputation at the expense of our integrity.