Monday, October 15, 2007

Weds: Protest for Teachers' Rights

TAG has put out a call for teachers to join us in a demonstration to tell Randi that the UFT is here to support and defend the right of teachers to be the competent professionals that we are.

We will bring this message to the Delegate Assembly:

October 17, 2007
UFT HQ: 52 Broadway, Manhattan
3:30 - 6:00p.m.

Media attention is now on the Rubber Rooms. That is good but TAG wants attention on the reasons why the Rubber Rooms are so full: Bloomberg-Klein's empowerment of administrators to remove teachers by unfair U-ratings, tossing them thereby into the Rubber Rooms.

We want media attention on the plight of the ATRs. Why are there ATRs when the City is hiring thousands of new teachers?

We want media attention on how the new funding formula is creating the ATR situation and the elimination of senior/experienced teachers.

We want media attention on the plight of the whistle blower.

We want media attention on the fact the the UFT has done nothing to stop this harassment of teachers until the "sexy" issue of the Rubber Rooms exploded.

This demonstration wants answers from the UFT.

Why aren't you representing us?


Anonymous said...

So you ICE guys are now calling your pub pilgrimage a protest?

BTW, you'll need more than just Un-Norm-al, Jeff "Andy" Kaufman, "Salad" the Barber, your former prez candidate Kip Winger (google him), and James "E. Turtle" to make up a protest. Five people don't constitute a protest.

Anonymous said...

Great protest! What did you have ten people? Hah!

Anonymous said...

GREAT SELLING OUT AGAIN! The incentives for improving scores are going to divide the teachers more. Meanwhile Randy will keep following the rules of the big bosses!! Who are the loosers? The students that are not learning anything but how to take tests! Maybe you should protest ALONE so children can have real teachers.